Lootbull.com Review! Is Legit or Scam?

Lootbull.com pays $3 sign up bonus with 35 tokens

Reader, I came across Lootbull, a site that has a new formula in the world of getting paid and how members make money once they join. With my account ready and active, I am sharing it with you in this review so get to know how it exactly works.

If you’ve been wondering whether this site allows you to open prize boxes containing loots for real, or simply another fake site not to waste your time on, keep reading. And don’t forget to find out whether Earnandgo.co indeed pays $50 free joining bonus.

Website name: Lootbull.com
Domain registration date: 2019-10-02
Earning options: Open cases to free cash and other rewards
Bonus: Up to $3 plus 35 starting tokens
Legit or Scam: Read the full review to find out

What is Lootbull.com?

This is a get paid to faucet like kind of website that “claims” to allow members to get free rewards and cash by way of opening locked cases (boxes) using the free given tokens in order to find contained prizes and rewards.  One is required to visit the site and register a free membership account in order to start earning.

Ways to earn

  • Claim free tokens the faucet way each hour
  • Use the tokens to open cases for prizes

In addition to the $3 sign-up bonus and the 35 free tokens, members are allowed to claim free additional tokens every hour which is later used to open the boxes. The boxes contain prizes and other gifts like cash which can be cashed out once they reach $100 via PayPal.

How do you get earnings?

  • PayPal

The minimum amount you can request is $100 through PayPal. Once your prizes including cash accumulate to that amount, you can request for cash out through PayPal. See how to link PayPal to your mobile and get your money straight to your phone.

Is Lootbull.com Legit or scam?


While I have seen a PayPal Lootbull payment proof somewhere online, the fact is that I haven’t personally been paid. Since I have an active account, I will have to post my proof here once the money comes in. However, after carefully reading the site terms, I found out that possibilities of being able to earn real and get paid off this site have low chances. See above to a screenshot.

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