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Where is Gmail Load Basic HTML (For Slow Connections) Link?

A few minutes back, I was very surprised to attempt logging into my Gmail account but noticed something missing. Since I use a slow connection, I was used to clicking the Load Basic HTML link, which looks no more. Instead, I noticed something different where the basic HTML link looks like it has been replaced […]

Donate to Tebandeke’s Heart Surgery

We are Raising $5,100 for Little Tebandeke’s Heart Surgery at the Uganda Heart Institute. By donating today, you are not only saving a life but also, giving the 6 year little boy a healthy future. Donate now via GoFundMe Tebandeke Haafithu is 6 years old, and born of Kateregga and Nankya of Kampala Uganda. He […]

How To Fix Variant Also Negotiates “HTTP 506 Error”

The HTTP 506 variant also negotiates is an error that many find uneasy dealing with. I have gone through it and was able to go past it following the instructions I am sharing below. Whether it is your first time seeing such an error, or a repeated error, I will show you how to fix […]

How To Get Uber Car Loans in Uganda

The process of applying for, and getting Uber car loans in Uganda is very simple and easy once you follow the set Vehicle financing procedures as outlined by the giver. Whether you want to drive with Uber but your car doesn’t meet their requirements or have no money to buy a car to use, this […]

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