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LG G4 (H811) 0

How to Hard Reset LG G4 (H811)

This post is about how to hard reset LG G4  or call it H811 and others which are similar. If for any reason you have been wondering how to go about this, then consider...

IRS Mileage deductions 2019 0

Standard IRS Mileage Rates 2019

In December 2018, the Internal Revenue Service issued optional standard mileage rates which went into force on the 1st January 2019.  The IRS mileage rates 2019 are to be used to calculate the deductible costs...

Uganda stock exchange market 1

Best 8 Stocks To Buy in Uganda 2019

Buy shares in Uganda companies: Whether you are an individual investor or institutional investor, having knowledge of what kind of stocks you should invest your money in is very vital since it helps you...

2019 irs tax brackets 0

2019 IRS Tax Brackets! Tax Law Changes

As a result of inflation, the IRS adjusts tax brackets to account for that as a way of eliminating what is known as bracket creep. This year (2019) round, it all looks like Indexing...

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