How To Obtain A Motor Vehicle Operator License in Uganda

Motor vehicle operators license Uganda This guide is about how to process and obtain a motor vehicle operator’s license in Uganda. If you have always been wondering how you can easily go about this, right from the different steps and procedures involved, where and how to get started, issues to do with payment registration number generation to getting your motor vehicle operator’s license issued by the Transport licensing board (TLB).

A motor vehicle operator’s license can simply refer to “a license issued by a State agency (where TLB is one for Uganda) authorizing an individual, company and etc, to operate a motor vehicle on public streets, roads, or highways”, which may include but not limited to commercial vehicles, passenger service vehicles (PSV’s), goods vehicles and motorcycles eg the well known common Boda Boda’s.

In order to obtain a motor vehicle operator’s license in Uganda, certain procedures must be followed starting from the processing to having the license issued. In this guide as you can see below, I take you through the different steps involved on how to successfully obtain your vehicle operator’s license. Take your time, go through them all and you will be able to do it yourself.

Steps to process and obtain motor vehicle operator’s license

1. Begin by visiting URA web portal, click eServices and Payment registration.


2. Check box next to Tax Type(For IT,VAT,Excise,With holding,Gaming Tax etc) and select Income Tax – Advance tax for motor vehicle.


3. Under Motor Vehicle Advance Tax, fill in the entire form including purpose, vehicle details and TIN.


4. Print out the Bank payment slip and proceed to the bank and make a payment.

make payment at the bank

5. Go back to URA web portal, eServices and click on Print income Tax certificate. You will be prompted to enter payment PRN which you should and hit search. Go on and print the certificate.


6. Once you are done with the above, the it’s time to visit the transport licensing board (TLB) offices. You should carry the motor vehicle, the tax clearance certificate and the vehicle logbook.

Transport Licensing Board Uganda Offices

The TLB representative or officer will verify the validity of the documents presented by the client (motor vehicle / cycle log book, tax clearance) and lead you to the next step, which is inspecting the vehicle whether it is road worthy. If the vehicle is identified not to be road worth, the TLB officer will issue you a defect sheet and request the client to have everything outlined cleared or repaired at the garage after which you should go back for re-inspection.

Once everything has been confirmed as being fit, transport licensing board (TLB) will issue you with the motor vehicle / cycle operators license and it will be over. I am sure you can see how the entire process is very simple and easy. Just incase you are stranded, feel free to contact me and I will be glad to help you out.

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