How To Obtain A New / Replace A Lost (Damaged) / Change Account Info On NSSF Uganda Card

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NSSF Uganda

In this article, I will share with you on how to obtain a new National social security fund card in Uganda, how to replace your lost or damaged card, in addition on how to change your registered account information for example your children, names and any others of your choice. If you have been wondering on how you can go about the above with NSSF Uganda, then this article has all you need right from how to get started, where to get started and how to do it right from the start to the end.

Like you may have seen in my other posts about this social security organization, “the National Social Security Fund Uganda is a national saving scheme which is intended to help employees save for the future, and or as a way of preparing for their retirement. NSSF is there to offer social security services to employees as outlined in the laws of Uganda through contributions of both the employer and the employee”. Follow the below steps to perform each of the above as per what you need.

Obtain a new NSSF Uganda card

In order to obtain your National Social Security Fund Uganda card, you should start by registering for one. Depending on what you are registering for, an employee or employer, you simply need to follow the registration procedure in order to get your card. Follow corresponding links to get started.

Replacing a lost / damaged NSSF Uganda card

In order to apply and obtain your replacement card, you will need to follow the below. You can get started by reporting your card loss to the nearest police. Then visit any National Social Security Fund Uganda branch office for example AMAMU (Kampala), BANDA (Kampala), ZZANA (Kampala), BAKULI (Kampala), BUGOLOBI (Kampala, KAWEMPE (Kampala), ARUA, BUSHENYI, FORT PORTAL, GULU, HOIMA, JINJA, KABALE, KASESE, LIRA, LUGAZI, MASAKA, MASINDI, MBALE, MBARARA, MOROTO, MUBENDE, SOROTI, TORORO, and tell them that you want a replacement. You will be asked a few questions, which you should fill on the form, fresh thumb prints taken and you will be able to get your replacement card.

Changing NSSF membership account information

Having evidence of whatever information you want to change with NSSF is what you need. You should approach any office as mentioned above and request for an information change. Once your evidence and or proof is accepted, your information will be changed.

How To Obtain A New / Replace A Lost (Damaged) / Change Account Info On NSSF Uganda Card

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  1. Hello NSSF am called kusemererwa Ismail I have an NSSF number before but when I changed the company they registered me anew account…..they gave me the account number reading..1993150003415 so please I want to keep with my old account thanks

  2. how can one get registered with NSSF online bcause i have downloaded the form but no link where one can send the filled form

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