How To Pay Motor Third Party Insurance In Uganda

Motor third party insurance uganda

Follow the instructions to pay motor third-party insurance in uganda. This guide takes you through paying 3rd party insurance on Airtel and MTN mobile money and obtaining a sticker from any agent closer to you.

What is motor third party insurance?

According to Britam, “motor third-party insurance is an insurance policy purchased for protection against the claims of another, in case anything happens to you” as you drive including the vehicle. And since you can’t guarantee your road safety 100%, you definitely need to purchase a policy for your vehicle, besides it is mandatory according to the Uganda road traffic rules where it is an offense to drive a vehicle without insurance.

IRA says that “It is mandatory that any vehicle, van or motorcycle for private or commercial use should have Motor Third Party insurance cover.”

When James contacted an Insurance broker to secure the third party for his Toyota Hilux, he was amazed when the lady at the Insurance company told him how he had to pay from his Airtel or MTN sim card and present the acknowledgment in order for the insurance sticker to be issued.

If you are like James and wondering how to pay third party insurance in Uganda, follow the instructions below.

How to pay third party insurance on Airtel Money

  • Dial *185# OK
  • Input “7” for Financial services
  • Input “7” for Financial services
  • Input “6” for Insurance
  • Input “1” for Motor third party
  • Enter the Vehicle registration number

You will be able to your vehicle details including registered owner and amount to pay. You can then confirm using your Airtel money PIN to complete the transaction. Alternatively, dial *175*7*6*1# for direct USSD access.

Pay 3rd Party Insurance on MTN Mobile Money

  • Dial *165# OK
  • Input “5” for Payments
  • Input “5” for Fees and taxes
  • Input “5” for Motor Third Party
  • Enter the Vehicle registration number

You will be able to your vehicle details including registered owner and amount to pay. You can then confirm using your MTN Mobile Money PIN to complete the transaction.

How much is 3rd party insurance in Uganda?

The cost of third party varies per vehicle depending on weight and category. Saloon cars, sedans and station wagons can pay anywhere between 70,000/= to 90,000/= while Pickups can pay anywhere between 85,000/= to 110,000/= shillings. Other commercial vehicles also pay different amount. You can always find how much to pay when initiating to pay via Airtel or MTN mobile money.

Can I Pay Third Party With Green logbook?

Many years back, motor vehicles in Uganda were issued with the old booklet green type of logbooks. As technology became part of our living, URA made some changes where the new paper-type logbook was introduced there by phasing out the former. When this came into force, owners were called and encouraged to transit their vehicle logbooks (cards) to the new system. After a few years of the new system, a new policy came into force where such vehicles which are still offline (not on the new online system) are being denied motor third-party insurance.

How to pay motor third party if you have an old booklet logbook?

Gone are the days when people would say I want to stay with such and it happens. In order for anyone to be able to purchase the insurance, of course, you need to transit to the new logbook (validating). Transiting to the new system means validating your vehicle particulars to your TIN under the motor vehicle, a process that can only be done by the person appearing in the card as the owner, and or processing an Absentee transfer

Obtain your third party insurance sticker

Now that you have successfully paid and received a confirmation message on your mobile, you can visit any Insurance office of choice, for example, Britam, Excel, Old Mutual, etc, present the message, and obtain your sticker.


It is very possible for anyone to buy a motor 3rd party if your vehicle or motorcycle is online, or has been transited to the news system. Using the Absentee transfer method allows you to transfer the car through a court order, assuming the current owner is untraceable.

However, it is important to note that the process is not free since certain terms and conditions apply, in addition to ensuring that all associated fees including declaring stamp duty have been paid and cleared.

Still failed to do the above or find it difficult, don’t hesitate to reach out to me so I can assist where I can. You can also leave your feedback using the comment form below and I will be happy to respond out of the experience.

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