PayHip Vs PaySpree – Which Is Better In e-Book Selling? Reviewed

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Payhip vs Payspree I am sure you have heard and know well what PayHip and PaySpree are in the world of digital eBook selling right? And am sure that you have always wondered what the two share or differ in common. How about knowing which is better between the two service providers? Alright, regardless of whether you know what or is or not when it comes to what they offer, this simple and unbiased review will help you discover the facts you want to know and which will help you when making a choice of who to use for your e-Book selling services.

I have had a lot about the two in addition to the different emails I have gotten from my readers wanting me to share with them the similarities and the differences and for now, I am answering your questions as sent. All you need is to keep reading the entire post so as to know.

Introduction – Both and are services providers which allows you to sell your digital items. They all allow you to create an account free, choose your payment processing provider, add your item title and description and have your item in their market.

Account requirements – On all the above, its free to create an account for as long as you have a valid email address since you need to confirm it.

eBook listing requirements – To list your eBooks on Pay-hip is free regardless of the number of items you are selling. You are only charged on a per sale basis where you are charged a small percentage of 5%. On the other hand, listing on Pay-spree is free but limited to only one item. Selling is free and you aren’t charged a single cent. You are required to upgrade in order to list unlimited items for sale at a rate of $29 lifetime.

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Payment processors supported and requirements – On Pay-spree, you can choose among PayPal, Payza and Moneybookers as your payment processor and you don’t even have to be a verified user. On the other hand, Pay-Hip supports PayPal and Stripe and all of them must be verified accounts.

Where does the money go after sale – On all, your sales goes directly to your payment processor. Pay-hip takes its commission directly and automatically since you pay them per sale.

What is the listing expiry date? – There is no expiry date involved in either. Your listings will be available from the adding time until when you remove it.

PayHip Vs PaySpree – Which Is Better In e-Book Selling? Reviewed

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  1. Thanks for every other informative website. Payspree is a best one. I love it. You sit and others do the sales for you. Your PayPal account is always happy with dollars and euros. Good for eBook selling.

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