How To Get A Free Instant Payoneer Virtual Credit Card

Payoneer-VCC-Free_rvlghw You have seen it right. Its a Free Instant Payoneer Virtual Credit Card and how to get it being what is going to be covered in this post. I am sure you have heard or Payoneer and what it does when it comes to helping many get paid in addition to accessing their funds made from online from any where your cards are supported for example the MasterCard ATM locations worldwide. But if its your first time to hear about this, then I would recommend and suggest that you read this post which is all about the procedures and this which is all about the benefits. And by the time you go through both, you will know what I am trying to mean.

How To Get A Free Instant Payoneer Virtual Credit Card

If you are wondering whether this is possible or not, the right answer is that YES, it is. Getting this card is very simple, easy and doesn’t not require too much like many providers require and below are the ways.

1.Visit here and apply for a new account. You will be required to submit all document in order to be a verified and confirmed user which will give you access to a free bank account number.
2. Click on help, send message and provide the following information; your registered email address, affiliate links while explaining why you need the VCC.

Within the next few hours or days, you will receive a response requiring you to make a choice on whether you want a Free Instant Payoneer Virtual Credit Card or a plastic one. Respond with your choice and wait or your numbers to be emailed to you. Please note that you can use your VCC to withdraw Amazon none US store earnings and payments in other currencies like the Euro.

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  1. luthor says:

    i have signed up already ordered the plastic card , now my question is , is it still possible to get the virtual card ? can i use it to pay stuff online

  2. Ahmed says:

    What do you suggest we write when we explain why we need the VCC? Can you email me a sample, because I am not convincing enough, you know.

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