How To Process & Get A Short/Long NIRA Death Certificate

NIRA Uganda Death Certificate This guide is about how to process, apply and get a short and long NIRA death certificate in Uganda. If you have been wondering how to go about processing the official death certificate in Uganda, no worry, this post will help you through all the step by step procedures involved in obtaining your legal death documents regardless of whether its a short or a long death document.

And just like it is for birth certificates and how it too happens in other countries, its the responsibility and duty of the Uganda government through its body known as the National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA), department registration of birth and death to issue such death certificates to those who declare the death of their beloved ones whether national or foreign for as long as one dies within the country’s jurisdictions in addition to the fact that the document is required.

Steps which are involved in Processing a Short NIRA death Certificate.

– Begin by securing the certificate of cause of death from the hospital where death occurred.
– In case of home death, a local representative letter should indicating the time, location, etc of death must be availed.
– Then register the same at your sub-county level or the town clerk depending on where the birth occurred.
– Pay the associated fees if any and you will be given/issued a Short death Certificate.
– Keep the issued in a safe place since it will be required when processing the long one.

Steps which are involved in Obtaining a Long Death Certificate.

– Begin by downloading NIRA death notification form 12, which is the Registration of persons (death).
– Fill in the entire form as required and also sign under declarant.
– Visit URA web portal and generate a Payment PRN for death notification certificate fees.
– Attach declarant ID, certificate of cause of death, short death certificate , form 12, bank payment slip, deceased’s ID and any other relevant document.
– Take all documents and hand in them to any nearest NIRA office or in Kololo.

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You will be given a tracking number and too told when to pick your death-certificate when its ready. Death certificate is is required for certain issues including proof of evidence that the person died. However, the same law also allows for late registration. Just in case you are stranded, call or whatsapp 0752009001 for a quick paid processing service.

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