How To Find Your Decoder Smart Card Number

Decoder Smart card number

This is a tutorial on how to find / locate your decoder smart card number free. Different Smart TV service providers smart cards have been featured in below and thus meaning that no matter who you are subscribed to for as long as is listed below, you will be able to learn how to troubleshoot your find my smart card problem.

It should be noted that without knowing your smart card number, it almost becomes impossible for you to renew your monthly TV subscription, and even to update or downgrade to the TV package of your choice. All you need is to take a few minutes, go through this post and learn how to find your decoder smart card number for ease usage.

How to find Startimes smart card number

Startimes smart card number

This is very easy when it comes on how to find startimes decoder smart card number. You simply need to turn off your decoder, pull out the card, turn the card to back and you will see several numbers written on smart card number.

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How to find NDS MY SKY smart card number

My Sky Smart Card Numbers

Turn off your box, remove the Card and on the back it contains a number beginning with 0000, 01 or 02 and followed by 8 digits which are your My Sky SmartCard number.

How to find free DSTV decoder smart card number

Turn off your DSTV set, remove the Card, turn it back on the side with the barcode, locate your dstv smartcard number.

How to find GOTV decoder smartcard number

Follow the same procedure as all the above, remove your card and on the back of it is your GOTV ICU number aka Smartcard number.

How to find all other decoder smartcard numbers

Just like you see the above, the same options are ones to follow in order to find Azam TV, ZUKU TV, Simba TV, Multichoice, CTL TV and very many others. The whole idea is simple, turning off your box set, removing the card, turning it back and reading the numbers. Besides, they are well shown that it is the card…

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