How To Process A New / Exchange Driver’s License In Austria

how to process a driver's license in austria Driving in Austria requires one to have attained the minimum required age, and too having a valid Driver’s license. Having the two above requirements in addition to following the set traffic rules which includes ones vehicle having everything in place is part of what makes one worthy to be on the road. And just like the different other countries, Austria also has traffic tickets and fines which can be issued to anyone found violating the driving laws.

Whether you are planning to travel to Austria and want to process an exchange permit, a national looking forward to acquire a fresh new driver’s license so as to be worthy on the road, taking your time and going through this tutorial and how to guide might be very helpful to you for as long as you follow all procedures.

The new and exchange driver’s license application process

Like it is in all other countries, you can only get your new riding permit from the responsible body where upon completing, and going through all required steps will lead to issuing of the “plastic card – Scheckkartenführerschein”. On this site, you find all required information when it comes to fresh new application including those for exchanges and requirements for example;

Please note: Most driving licence authorities require the original documents plus copies.

In case of a conversion of an EU or EEA driving licence on a voluntary basis:

– Passport [Reisepass] or personal identification card
– Foreign driving licence
– One perfectly identifiable photo (35 mm x 45 mm) of the owner
– Possibly extract from the driving licence file of the issuing country and possibly a translation
– Possibly Residence Registration Form [Bestätigung der Meldung]

In case of a conversion of a non-EU or non-EEA driving licence

– Passport [Reisepass]
– Foreign driving licence
– Possibly a translation of the driving licence
– One perfectly identifiable photo (35 mm x 45 mm) of the owner
– Medical report
– Possibly Residence Registration Form [Bestätigung der Meldung]

Note 1 – The driving licence authority may ask for additional documents in particular cases.
Note 2 – The authority can survey the Central Register instead of your having to present a residence registration form if you wish so.


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– Conversion: 60,50 Euro
– Express production: additionally 17,88 Euro

Like you see the above quoted information, it definitely means that you need to follow the right procedures and steps if you really want to perform all of your rides in Austria. You should too note that there are different other requirements including the different circumstances where a traffic fine is issued, how to pay and much more..

Also, this has some lots of helpful resources on how and where to perform the different season trainings and tests which are all mandatory in your application process including theory and practicals.

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