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How To Recover PlayStation Network Password

By KWS Adams Feb18,2023
Recover PlayStation Network Password

Your PlayStation has a unique login and password, just like your phone and computer do. While it is very simple to update your PlayStation Network (PSN) account password by accessing the Windows web browser or even directly via the console, not everyone knows how to go about this.

Since entering the wrong password will automatically lock you out of your PlayStation Network account, learning how to change, reset or recover PS4 account login credentials will help put your gaming console back to use thus allowing you to enjoy unlimited.  If you are experiencing trouble accessing your PlayStation Network (PSN) account, this article is for you as it contains the required instructions to follow in order to secure your PSN account at your convenience.

The same procedure should help you change your password, and also add 2FA protection to your account if you wish to further increase security just in case someone knows your PSN password, they won’t be able to log in unless they also have access to the 2FA code.

How To Reset a PlayStation Network PSN Password

Reset a PlayStation Network PSN Password
  • Visit “Account Management
  • Click “Trouble Signing in”
  • Click “Reset your Password”
  • Enter “Sign in ID Email address”
  • Click “Send Email”
  • Click and open the “Secure link in your email”
  • Set your “New PSN Password”

You are done. You are now able to log in with your newly created Sony PSN account password for PS4, PS5, etc

Reset PSN account password

How To Add 2FA To PlayStation Network Account

Add 2FA To PlayStation Network Account
  • Visit “Account Management
  • Enter “Email Address”
  • Click “Next”
  • Enter “PSN Account Password”
  • Go to “Security”
  • Enable “2 Step verification”
  • Choose “Activation option” by text or authenticator app

Follow the instructions to complete the 2FA verification setup. Activating the 2FA means that every time you attempt logging in to your PSN account, you will be required to verify using the 2FA code. In case you find trouble receiving the reset email, refer here for additional updated information

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