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How To Easily Fix Whatsapp Not Connecting For Android, iPhone, And Windows

By KWS Adams Feb18,2023
Whatsapp Not Connecting

By fixing the Whatsapp not connecting error, you will be able to complete the setup and be able to send and receive text messages, video calls, group text, etc on your Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Web for Whatsapp on Mac or Windows PC.

Whatsapp is the most used social networking application with millions of users worldwide. When it comes to making free video calls, sending text messages, group chatting, content sharing, etc, almost everyone will refer you to this social networking app for its rich features.

Whatsapp not connecting

What if you are unable to connect to Whatsapp? Follow the instructions below to have the check your internet connection error fixed for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows PC

How to fix Whatsapp Not Connecting for Android

  • Tap “Settings”
  • Tap “Network and Internet “
  • Turn “Mobile Data” to on, or
  • Turn “WiFi” to on

Launch the Whatsapp application again and see if it is connecting. In case it fails, Turn on Background Data ton and restart your Android device. You can alternatively set all “Whatsapp app” permissions to on by going to “Settings >> Apps >> Whatsapp >> Permissions >> set all to on”.

How to fix Whatsapp not connecting iPhone (iOS)

  • Tap “Settings”
  • Scroll to “Whatsapp”
  • Turn on “Background data”
  • Turn on “Mobile Data” or,
  • Turn on “WiFi”

Doing the above should allow “Whatsapp” access to the internet on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod iOS. If the device still fails internet access, then you should check if your SIM has data service or internet data bundle activated.

Whatsapp not initializing unable to connect to windows web

Whatsapp not initializing

If suddenly Whatsapp not connecting on the Mac, or Windows PC for the web, this is a serious problem to do with the internet network that needs an urgent fix if you want to continue the social application. The unable to connect to the internet by the app is a sign that there is a network issue with the device you are using. You should make sure that both your Windows computer and mobile device have an active internet connection since without you are unable to link the web with mobile for access.

Final word

Whatsapp just like any other app can sometimes fail to allow you to connect. By following the instructions above, you are able to chat and socialize the way you want using the social app. In situations when everything above fails, you can also perform a reset of your device to default settings although this has to be done with caution as you may end up losing all data on your phone.

By KWS Adams

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