How To Create Folders In Gmail

how to create folders in Gmail for specific emails

Creating folders in Gmail allows you to organize your email when it comes to messages. Having an organized email is essential as it saves you time when it comes to searching for important emails received. If you don’t know how to create folders in Gmail, this article is for you.

With Gmail being one of the most used free email service providers by different people worldwide, you definitely don’t have to ask why many are interested in learning how to create a folder on Android, iPhone, and desktop or laptop for Windows. Gmail has lots of features that are completely free, unlike other providers that charge when it comes to accessing certain things for example email forwarding.

In order to add folders in Gmail, you need to follow a few instructions depending on the device you are using. Make sure that the device you are using has Airplane mode turned off since access to the internet connection is a must in order to complete the operation. Below are the steps to do so.

How to Create folders in Gmail on Desktop

  • Visit “
  • Log into “Gmail account”
  • Scroll and click “Create New Label”
  • Type in “Label Name”
  • Click “Create”

You would have created and added a new folder in Gmail. You can now add emails in your newly created folder by using the moved to folder name under the move options. The above option works for Gmail in Standard view for faster internet connections while using any web-based browser including Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.

To add a Gmail folder in HTML view, login to your email >> click settings >> click labels >>enter label name under create new label >> click create.

How to add folders in Gmail on Mobile

how to create folders in Gmail mobile app
  • Launch “Gmail App”
  • Tap the “3 lines” in the top left
  • Scroll down and tap “Labels”
  • Tap “Create New Label”
  • Enter “Label Name”
  • Tap “Done”

You have successfully created a new folder in Gmail on your Android and iOS devices. You are ready to organize your specific emails the way you want.

Final Word

Gmail folders are the same as labels. When adding one, you see the option to add a label as opposed to a folder. The whole process of doing so is very simple just like when fixing the Philips smart TV won’t connect to your Wi-Fi network connection. Following the instructions above will allow you to make that new folder within 30 seconds and you will be ready to go.

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