How to Join Superlife and Make Money in Uganda

How to join superlife in Uganda

You can join Superlife in Uganda by visiting their offices located on the address below, or even by sending an email message to the email address shared here in. Joining Superlife in Uganda can benefit you in two ways; inspiring your health through their “miracle products”, and increasing your wealth through their referral commission attributed to their products.

If you’ve been wondering how you could make money from Superlife in Uganda, this article shares you detailed information on the above. By continuing to read, you will get to know what Superlife is, how to join, the compensation plan, the business opportunity, marketing plan, product list and their packages.

What is Superlife?

According to, “SuperLife World is a Malaysian based startup which is creating a positive impact in the consumer products industry through its innovative route-to-market”. Consumers of their products not only consume but also profit by way of referring other members. In otherwords, Superlife is an MLM marketing kind of business.

How to join Superlife in Uganda?

Becoming part of Superlife in Uganda is very simple. You can join by visiting their offices located at CROWN JAKIBA HOTEL, PLOT 16 BOMBO ROAD, KAMPALA, UGANDA, or by sending an email to [email protected] and requesting for additional information. For those in South Africa, you can join by filling the online registration form and hitting submit. In order to join, you may be required to choose your preferred entry package list below and depositing the joining fee.

Superlife business opportunity

Superlife offers you a business opportunity which is determined by the entry pack you choose. Depending on your package, whether Starter, Star, Supreme or Super, below is what you expect and the cost.

Superlife packages

  • R 1 200 – Starter Level (1x STC30 Box)
  • R 2 400 – Star Level (2x STC30 Boxes)
  • R 8 500 – Supreme Level (8x STC30 Boxes)
  • R 21 000 – Super Level (20 STC30 Boxes)

Superlife marketing plan

Superlife is no different from other multi level marketing business you have seen. The difference is that for Superlife, you get health products while at the same time making money. What happens is that you can decide to refer others to join under you and earn everytime your downline purchases the health boosting products or, decide to ean from sales. Either way, marketing is required since it is the only way you can get referrals to join, and or make sales of the products.

Superlife business opportunity

Superlife products

  • Superlife Total Care Therapy (Stc 30)
  • Superlife Colon Care (Scc15)
  • Superlife Immune Care (Sic)


Now that you have explored the above information about Superlife in Uganda, and other parts, I am sure you are ready to make a choice between boosting your health as you make money profiting or do exactly that you want. Either way, you at least know more and can be able to do next.

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