How To Register New TIN Number Online [URA Uganda]

Uganda Revenue Authority TIN Number ApplicationThis is a Uganda revenue authority TIN Number registration, application, processing and verification guide for both Individual and non-individual (company, organization) tax identification number). If you were wondering how to register a new individual TIN, apply it for your company or organization, the different steps to follow in the entire process and etc, this guide is what you need.

A TIN Number which is known as the Tax Identification Number is a number which is used by Tax Payers when it comes to paying things like government taxes for example motor vehicle registration taxes, insurance taxes, Import and Export taxes, Value Added Taxes (VAT), Company Taxes, Operational Taxes and many others, and is worldwide.

Each country has a Tax body which is known to handle such Tax related things for example the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) for Uganda, the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) for Kenya, the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) for United States and many others, and of which these institutions are set up by the laws of the corresponding governments. So far, the new TIN Number format of for example 1010101010 which did replace the older TIN number series of P-XX-1XX which were being issued in the last years.

In order to successfully do with your TIN application, you will need a computer with an internet connection, MS Excel office program installed on your computer, a working email address, a printer and a referee (a person who has an active TIN number of the new type).

Uganda revenue authority new TIN registration steps and procedures

1. Visit URA portal and download online forms DT 1001 for individual or DT-1002 for non-individual.
2. Save the download forms on your computer eg Desktop or Flash drive.
3. Double click on the form and open it.
4. Enable Macros security on your MS Excel so you can be able to fill in the entire form as required.

Check out on How to enable MS Excel Macros on MS Office 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, etc

5. Click validate form to check if there are any errors.
6. Click generate upload file and wait for it to be saved on desktop.
7. Now open the URA Portal again and go to e-Services.

8. Click registration and select your choice eg individual or non individual.
7. Browse your generated upload file, fill in your names, enter capture and click submit.

Upon successfully uploading the forms, you will be sent an auto generated email notifying you how your forms have been successfully submitted. You will be given an option to print the submit forms and which you must do as those printed copies will be required at the URA offices which processes your application for a TIN.

TIN handling offices around Kampala center include but not limited to Kampala South (located at Old Kampala Mosque), Kampala North (located in Bwaise Mulago Kalerwe Round-about), Nakawa (located towards MUBS), Central offices (located at crested towers) and many other points. Hand in your printed TIN form DT-1001 or DT-1002 for verification.

And once you are verified, you will be issued a New Tin Number and you will be able to pay your taxes easily. Call or Whatsapp me 0752009001 for express application help.

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KWS Adams

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220 Responses

  1. Christine Turibamwe says:

    Hello Admin.

    Someone helped me get a TIN and am not sure what email they used. Am now finding trouble accessing my portal.

    What can I do to amend the details to indicate my personal email.

    Thank you.

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  2. Ntege kezekia says:

    I forgot my tin number which I got from old Kampala (Kampala south) in 2014. it is my wish that you remind me the tin number

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  3. Emanu Theophillus says:

    my new employers requires a print out of my TIN. I have the Tin but forgot my password.
    How can i access this information

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    • KWS Adams says:

      You can’t make a print out of the TIN. Let me assume you are referring to the TIN certificate right? All you need is simple. Visit any URA branch office near you and they will print you the TIN certificate. And don’t forget to reset your TIN password for ease of access just in case you need to.

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  4. meddie says:

    halo adam gdevening
    can u help and send me certificate of registration form on my email
    [email protected]

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  5. Edward makansa says:

    I have a TIN but I forgot my tin number help me am a teacher in Rakai

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  6. lukanga gerald says:

    hey there am Gerald, can u apply for a TIN number yet you aren’t employed to any organization?

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  7. Kato Paul says:

    I HAVE RECEIVED A TIN but how do I activate it?

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  8. Ruth says:

    Hi, am Ruth so i successfully completed the excel form and up loaded it and got confirmation messages. But i just realized that i made a mistake on my trading center name say i “Kibumbior” instead of “Kibumbiro”. How do i go about editing it. will it have any implications in the future.

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  9. Teresa says:

    I am a non-resident NGO director. Our organization has been instructed that all Directors (even non-resident) need a TIN for a tax clearance certificate from URA. Is this true? There is no provision for a non-resident address on the TIN application.

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  10. Heather says:

    Hi m trying to get a tin number for my company, now what I don’t understand should I download individual or non individual

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  11. Namugga Florence Agaba says:

    Am Namugga Florence Agaba,I got my tin Number but I didn’t print out the certificate,How do I get a tin Certificate?

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  12. Mande Philip Kakooza says:

    If I applied for a motorcycle tin can I use it for paying business taxes?

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  13. Mande Philip Kakooza says:

    I was given tin but when I try to use it to register in finance department I fail what can I do?

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  14. Philip says:

    How do u verify that a TIN belongs to the company in question

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  15. jmukene says:

    hello ura, I tried to upload my filled sheets but it tells me that the sheets ate different, which other link do I use to upload the forms. thank you

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  16. jmukene says:

    hello, I tried to register for my tin but whenever I try to upload the sheets, it tells me its a different one. which other way do I upload the sheets.

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  17. Anne says:

    In the process of registering for an e log book I converted net weight of my car to Kilos from Tonnes -1730000 instead of 1730 so I received an error message requesting to go to URA, can’t I re-submit with the correct information instead of going to the URA office since this is a digital error?????

    Your immediate response will be highly appreciated.

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  18. Katabira says:

    How do i become a tax agent?

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  19. Esther Fortunate says:

    I registered a wrong email how do I go about changing it minus going to the offices

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  20. Anne Achieng says:

    I have my TIN number but I dont have a print out. Which link do I use to get my TIN number print out?

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  21. ssebunnya patrick says:

    the password that was sent to me by email from ura doesnot correspond with the tin,have tried reseting its not working. how do i get another password?

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  22. rukiah kassim says:

    if i deleted my email which had my details, how can i find out my tin number?

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  23. GERALD MUGISA says:

    Thanks for educating us on this vital info.My request to you, help me to find out if my log book for motor cycle no UEK 671B is ready.

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  24. Jim says:

    Thank you so much. Really liked this post about URA tin number.

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  25. Haruna says:

    Thank you so much Mr Adams. Just coming back here to appreciate the work you did for me. Besides this blog post and how you explained, you helped me get my TIN number hassle free. Yes, I never knew you but my heart trusted you, and which is why I am well satisfied with whatever you do. I was able to transfer my vehicle and now am okays. Thanks again, may God bless you.

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  26. onyango denish says:

    i have applied for TIN for personal but have been issued with Ticket number is that a TIN number or something else am too confused now
    i shall be very happy if im sorted

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  27. Kiwanuka Benedicto says:

    Melp me to get my TIN i have forgotten it

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  28. Nicolas Auber says:

    Hello, thanks for your advices! Is it possible to get a TIN with a toursit VISA? Do i have to be a permanent resident?
    I plan to buy a motorbike in Uganda, register it at my name (that’s why I need a TIN), and drive south to south africa.


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  29. Jacky says:

    Hullo I live out of uganda.I visited a few weeks ago and bought a car but I happened to leave before I could do my transfer of names on log book from previous owner to mine.I do not have a Tim number either.I left the originals log book and receipt I bought with the car with my sister.can my sister be able to get me a Tim number and complete all transfer for me.smh

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  30. sarah says:

    Iam out of Uganda how can I get the tin number with out coming to the URA offices

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  31. Banura Christopher Ruyooka says:

    In 2004 when applying for a driving permit, I paid a fee of 33,000/= to Revenue and was issued with a bank payment form and pay in slip. After payments, I was also issued a TIN number P04-3077-0629-S this was done at makindye revenue branch. Is this tin still valid.

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  32. Mumya Robert says:

    URA should make application of individual TIN faster imagine one takes the whole day waiting and finally told to come the next day, yet the place is far

    View Comment
  33. Dannie says:

    Thanks for the marvelous posting about URA and the TIN Number! I seriously enjoyed reading it, you are a great author.I will ensure that I bookmark your blog and may come back sometime soon. I want to encourage you continue your great writing, have a nice weekend!

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  34. Agatha says:

    WOW, exactly what I was looking for, appreciate it for putting up.

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  35. habiyaremye jerome says:

    how can i register and get tin from ura as a civil servant in kisoro since internet cafe operators are too expensive.

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  36. Rose says:

    Thank you document processor my my TIN. I took me 2 days through you to get my Uganda revenue authority tax payer identification number. I am impressed by your work. I contacted you after reading here and I am glad you are legitimate. I can recommend them for any one who want an instant TIN number in Uganda.

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  37. Naamala Hanifah Sengendo says:

    please send my TIN i registered already but i have misplaced it

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  38. Enoch says:

    I registered for a tin but I failed to get tile to verify my documents …nd I got a mail that my requested was rejected. What can I do?

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  39. Manjula Perera says:

    Hi Adams, Do you have filled TIN application for reference purpose. I need to fill TIN application and bit difficult. Please help me. If you can please send the filled application to my office e mail address – T hank You in advance

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  40. opyyo arthur says:

    Hallo, need help with my tin registeation, did register properly but was sent an email that my application is rejected and did not understand why yet I badly need it. Plsease help on what I should do

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  41. geraldine sekidde says:

    have forgotten my TIN number how can i search for it

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  42. Okurboth moris says:

    I need TIN,and is my first can I get its and am not within the country.

    View Comment
    • KWS Adams says:

      Moris, you can get a TIN number even when you aren’t within and many have gotten them. You will need a help of an agent who will do work for you. Check your email from some message from me with some recommendations.

      View Comment
  43. justine oling says:

    There is one thing that has complicated transactions with URA. That’s ONLINE payments and the rests of other transactions. It’s not that every one is a computer literate. Provide for us an alternative.

    View Comment
  44. Thank you for the good work, i would like to know how do i start, and how long can it take me to get my TIN (its my forst time i dont have any,)

    View Comment


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  47. hellen says:

    yesterday I submitted in my forms for tin number. in the evening I received message that my application has been rejected. what can I do should I apply again . I need your help coz I need the tin number urgently. thanks

    View Comment

    how do I get details of my tin

    View Comment

    I would like to renew my driving permit, how do I go about.

    View Comment

    I have aTIN number but unfortunately my inbox messages on my mail got deleted so am unable to get it and I had not written it any where ,how will I be able to get it or do I need to apply for another one.

    View Comment
  51. egadu julius says:

    I have got TIN this very year but got no work ,please which procedure can i follow

    View Comment
  52. James Kato says:

    Hello, I would like to register my company for Taxes, as well as get a personal TIN. How do I go about it. Thank you.

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  53. sharon says:

    I brought my application yesterday for the tin application unfortunately my driving licence as one of the identity is expired I was simply told to bring another. what if I bring another ID will it affect my application, since its a long process to get my driving licence very soon. or do I need to fill in another application with another ID?

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  54. wkorach francis says:

    hollo URA I have failed completely to uploa and register for TIN, I think i need afull lecture in it. please rescue me.

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  55. mike says:

    I got a TIN in 2004, but I have lost my driving permit which had this information, how can I get my TIN urgently, since I buying a motor bike and the yet its a requirement.

    View Comment
    • KWS Adams says:

      The old P series TIN numbers are no longer supported. You should visit any URA branch office and apply for a NEW NUMERIC format TIN. Its should be availed within a few days and which you can use to when buying your motor cycle. You will also be able to replace your Permit assuming its been less than 2 years since you lost it. If you have any problems, you can seek a paid service help from this number +256 752 009001

      View Comment

    I need to obtain a TIN. please help me

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  57. Akiteng christine says:

    plis send me the link which i can use to register for a tin number

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  58. Nalusiba shamilah says:

    pliz send me link which I can use to register for the tin number, i urgently needed it

    View Comment
  59. Nalusiba shamilah says:

    pliz i urgently need a tin number, but i dont know how to go about it if i want to get it through online what do i have to do, pliz help me

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  60. Nalusiba shamilah says:

    pliz i urgently need a tin number, but i dont know how to go about it if i want to get it through online, pliz help me

    View Comment
  61. ssentongo says:

    What involved in registration like requirements. is it my adress.

    View Comment
  62. ssentongo says:

    Thank you for the service you render to us, now what are the steps which i can follow to register as taxpayer manually.

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  63. Twesigye says:

    Thank you. I am [email protected] and my TIN is in process. How do I get it?

    View Comment
  64. Adicha Victor Lawrence says:

    My brother went to URA nakawa Headquarters and some URA employee told him to pay 20,000 so that he gets for him a tin number, is that proper or thats is corruption and why can’t the employer help the employees to get those tin numbers becuase most of the employees find it difficult to get a tin number most especially those who are computer illitrates and others dont have access to computers and internet yet some employers have made it a requirement

    View Comment
    • KWS Adams says:

      Your brother might have seen the wrong person. The TIN number is free of charge. If your brother had all the documents, I mean having followed all the steps above, he would have been given a TIN once the documents were approved. It may be that he talked with those Conmen who reside there in the name of helping and or, your brother had not done any step but rather wanted the help of a URA staff.

      View Comment
  65. Pritesh ladwa says:

    hello URA
    I would like to apply for a tIn number bit don’t knw the process and the fee if it is there.
    How many does it take to get a tin number

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  66. Pritesh ladwa says:

    I would like to register for a tin number and I don’t know the process and the fee.
    Guide me

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  67. ask says:

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    link on your page at suitable place and other person will also do same for you.

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  70. davidoff cool water says:

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    detailed information you present. It’s nice to come across a blog every
    once in a while that isn’t the same unwanted rehashed material.
    Wonderful read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds
    to my Google account.

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  71. sam okidi says:

    dear sir/madam,
    am sam okidi and i would like o appreciate you all for he great work/ easy way for registration online, really that make work easy for the rural peoples.
    well, i have looked alround for a way of how to registered online but i have failed, please kindly direct me to the right page.
    Thank you,

    View Comment
  72. LAKER SHARON says:

    I have tried to register on line for a TIN number and failed each time i submit my registered from i dnt get any notification that it has been recieved or submitted .I have been trying for one month in vain could there be another alternative way of doing it..

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  73. using says:

    each time i used to read smaller articles or reviews which as well clear
    their motive, and that is also happening with this paragraph which I am reading here

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  74. Chemist Direct Healthcare Products says:

    With having so much content and articles do you ever run
    into any problems of plagrism or copyright infringement?
    My blog has a lot of completely unique content I’ve either authored myself or outsourced but it appears a
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    Do you know any methods to help stop content from being ripped off?
    I’d definitely appreciate it.

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  75. Violet says:

    Hello, most of my workmates do not individual TIN and they also feel that it is not necessary for PAYE purposes. Apart from the company TIN, is an individual TIN necessary for PAYE returns. if yes, can we apply for a group of staff at once(by just filling one form)?

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  76. ali says:

    Dear Sir, I am a foreigner on business visa in uganda but before i start my own Imports and Exports i need to register my own company.
    so, can u please recommend me a good consultant who can help me to get registered my company and in the mean time can i get a TIN so i can buy a car or do some other business.

    Thanks and Looking forward for you replay..

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  77. GODFREY says:


    We are a small NGO and Not for profit Organization and have been operating since 2006 but our donors are asking for a tax exemption certificate.

    I was at URA Nakawa but I was not assisted because people had no idea.

    Please help me out because it is a requirement from our donor, how can our organisation get a tax exemption certificate, which office can I go to please?

    I will be very grateful for your help.


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  78. Lin says:

    Is the tin related top a tax account?

    View Comment
  79. OKECHO FRANCIS says:


    View Comment
  80. OKECHO FRANCIS says:


    View Comment
  81. Businge .michael says:

    Can some one get an individual TIN at any revenue office in uganda.

    View Comment
  82. Document Processors Uganda says:

    Do you Need a DRIVING PERMIT or TIN NUMBER fast? We process TIN numbers and Drivers Licenses in Only 2 days. Everything is legitimate.

    Call 0752009001 for a reliable service.

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  83. abaine wilson says:

    i would like to know the importance of TIN number to a civil servant and yet u have been deducting pay as u earn & LS frm their salaries without TIN.

    View Comment
  84. Nyakaana Isagara says:

    I lost one of my car number Plate, how can i replace it? and how long can this proccess take.

    View Comment
  85. Nabakka says:

    i would like 2 no if this tin number is in the names of Cupscupio Uganda ltd

    View Comment
  86. elly piwang says:

    How may i convert my old TIN to the new numbers? Or this was automatically upgraded.

    View Comment
  87. Ryeme says:

    My employer needs my TIN number so urgently but am outside the country for study. I have filled and signed the application form (TIN individual). Can i send my workmate to submit my manually filled-signed application form?

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  88. Mukooza Charles says:

    I got a TIN in 2008 from Bwaise URA branch. The No. is P08 – 3096 – 0728 – K.
    It it still active or i need to register for another one.
    Quickly advise

    View Comment
  89. fred says:

    please clarify me as anew health worker where does TIN help me but I did all de processes well in HOIMA. thanks

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  90. Turyazayo Asaph says:

    Does it require a fee to get a TIN from an URA office

    View Comment
  91. Apio Cissy says:

    I submitted the forms online but realised i needed to change the address, how can i be helped. Can i submit the hardcopies to any URA office

    View Comment
  92. WAAKO ROBERT says:

    hello thanks for the good work.i would like to the Employers TIN number for Ntoroko District local government.

    View Comment
  93. Masika Rogers says:

    i have filled my employers tin but when i try to validate it tells to fill in again in the right formate what is happening?

    View Comment
  94. andrew says:

    my validation is failing yet have filled in all the information

    View Comment
  95. Obwalinga David says:

    We teachers in Bukedea district have been given up to 17/4/2014 as dead line to submit TIN,yet sevices in Mbale URA branch are not quick for us to beat the dead line,pliz how can we get help? i request you send us forms to our emails so that we print and manually fill then we back througth your email

    View Comment
  96. Mubiru Fred Lule says:

    How can I be helped to get a new Tin number plse.

    View Comment
  97. Mubiru Fred Lule says:

    New tin number required.

    View Comment
  98. Mubiru Fred Lule says:

    i would request to up date my old Tin no. p99/3047/2485/T

    View Comment
  99. Hellen says:

    Help us please the teachers in Mayuge district. We have been asked by our headteachers to pay ush. 15,000 to register for TIN numbers. Is n’t this a way of subotaging the registration processes. Please help. Hellen

    View Comment
    • KWS Adams says:

      I have no clue on that. May be the fee is for helping in transport and processing. If you cant do that, then process your own TIN by following the procedures above and hand them to the admin of the school. But its time consuming and involves traveling to URA offices and internet usage.

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  100. MWEBAZA says:

    I applied for a Tin number last week but I haven’t received any message concerning my Tin number and yet I submitted in all the relevant physical documents.

    View Comment
  101. KAYIWA CHRIS says:

    how will tin affect public officers and when will the effect begin?Will it affect salaries?

    View Comment
  102. KALULE FRANCIS says:

    my tin hasnt bn sent on my email yet i presented every thing needed

    View Comment
  103. nyakahuma says:

    Are there any fees to pay when you need a TIN number and they are there what are there?

    View Comment
  104. zahara says:


    what is the difference between non individual and individual?
    thank you.

    View Comment
  105. Andruga Cosmas says:

    Hi. I have been trying to submit TIN application forms online but there is no response either on the URA portal or in my email whether the process is successful or not. If you are to reply to my email, how long does it take?

    View Comment
  106. Nandutu Irene says:

    I have a staff of 17 teachers who are applying for TIN. Can they all use one person as a referee?

    View Comment
    • KWS Adams says:

      I guess yes, all your employees can use one referee since the different applications are handled by different personnel. However, it will be a good idea if you call up URA and find out. They got a toll free number.

      View Comment
  107. janet says:

    I have failed to upload coz they keep saying that i upload the wrong one . What do i do

    View Comment
    • KWS Adams says:

      Try to repeat the whole procedure and retry uploading. Sometimes its a glitch in the system. If you fail, contact a tax agent for help and or use our contact us page to send an inquiry.

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  108. janet says:

    I have failed to upload my file, they keep saying I uploaded the wrong one, yet its the one i filled.

    What do i do?

    View Comment
    • KWS Adams says:

      Try to repeat the whole procedure and retry uploading. Sometimes its a glitch in the system. If you fail, contact a tax agent for help and or use our contact us page to send an inquiry.

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  109. Tumushabe Rose says:

    New TIN registration

    View Comment
  110. nashimolo andrew says:

    Am Nashimolo andrew
    i submitted my details to URA MBALE but its 3months now and i have never got a TIN
    Every time i go to the office
    nobody is concerned

    can i get my TIN via the e mail i submitted?

    View Comment
    • KWS Adams says:

      While all new processed TIN owners are notified through email of their TIN, there is no way you can apply for it through email. Since you submitted your forms already, you need to remind them as they are the ones to process them. Alternatively, you can try to re-apply using the instructions on the page..

      View Comment
  111. RUSOKE TADDEO says:

    How long does one take to recieve an individual TIN number after registration???

    View Comment
    • KWS Adams says:

      Once your papers have been approved which may take a day or even a week, your TIN is approved instantly. You can call the URA Toll free number for details or send us an email using our contact us page.

      View Comment
  112. Mathias says:

    I am completing the forms but I DON’T have a referee. How can I be assisted?

    View Comment

    i already have aTIN number, got my original certificate and lost it. however i would like to print for myself another copy of the certificate using my computer and printer without having to go back to URA. Is it possible and how do i do it and how do it?

    also if i have my tin number written somewhere how do i verify if its correct and belongs to mi without having to go back to URA?

    View Comment
  114. caroline nassamula says:

    I already have a PIN but I have forgotten my password. How can I be helped?

    View Comment
  115. Emmanuel Wangwe says:

    How long does it take to acquire a TIN, because i was told from my URA area office that, it will take me three days and yet am really in need of the Number Please help me.

    View Comment
  116. Christian says:

    do you know if there is a public database containing all TIN in Uganda? I’m looking for a way to uniquely identify companies in Uganda.

    Thank you.

    View Comment
  117. Mike says:

    Hello and great “how to”

    Do I have to go in person to drop off my copy of forms? can I send a boda instead and have them being my TIN information back?

    Once I have a TIN i will be able to purchase a car or motorcycle and put it in my name s that correct? are there any other issues that come with getting a TIN? I am an expat that wants to buy a motorcycle while Im here but was told It requires a TIN.

    Thank You

    View Comment
  118. MBOGGA ALEX says:

    Hello URA
    Kindly help me out because i’ve really failed to upload my filled in forms.
    I am in an urgent need of a Tin number but am unable to submit in my forms.
    where could i be wrong????
    Alex Mbogga
    (Phone number removed for privacy)

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