Review Of Top 10 Best Mobile Repair Box 2020 Buyer Guide

Mobile Repair Box Finding the best mobile software box online shopping is one things which many find uneasy. Yes, it is because of the availability of the different mobile software suppliers which all claim to offer high quality repairing tools, and which in some cases end up not being or even working as claimed. In this review, I am sharing with you the top 10 best mobile flashing boxes on the market with some being latest, while other being old but working very great.

The best mobile phone flashing box is one which will offer what it claims to do, and at affordable cost. This will include fixing of the different smartphone issues ranging from reading flash, writing flash, reading NV, reading password, Imei repairing, formatting, reading code, wiping data, unlocking phone, reading pattern, rebooting recovery, temporary root, fastboot reboot, Google lock unlock, read gmail ID, back up and restore contacts, reset gmail, unlock boot loader, wipe cache, clear settings, remove FRP, remove network code, reset user lock and many others.

Additionally, the same should have all mobile software set up free to download as this helps in fixing arising errors, in addition to adding the latest mobile phone manufactured on the list of supported devices. Like we know, many new mobile phones are introduced each day which goes by, having the best mobile flashing box which supports upgrades and fixes is the only way one can avoid having to purchase or buy new repairing boxes and tools as the old one are too updated.

Another important factor the best mobile flashing box is support of the different CPU types. Yes, CPU types like Mstar, RDA, Spreadtrum, MTK, Microsoft, CoolSand, CDMA, Qualcomm, Blackberry, SKY, HTC, Infineon, TI, Philips, AD, ZTE, Anyka, Samsung and etc. This should too be from the best mobile box supplier since many would offer money back and product guarantee and warrant. Here is the top 10 best mobile phone repair box 2020 buying guide.

#1 Z3X Box for Samsung Unlock, Flash Box with Cables

Samsung Z3X Box

Check Z3X Box current price

Why on this list? The Z3X Box for Samsung Unlock, Flash Box with Cables is a 4.6/5 rated tool and supports a range of Samsung mobiles including but not limited to the latest and old models eg, the Samsung N7000, N7005, N7100, N7105, N8000, N8010, N8013, N8020, P1000, P1010, P3100, P3110, P5100, P5110, P6200, P6201, P6210, P6211, P6800, P6810, P7100, P7500, P7501, P7511.

Others include A117, A127, A137, A167, A177, A226, A227, A237, A401, A411, A412, A437, A501, A551, A561, A637, A657, A701, A706, A707, A711, A717, A727, A736, A737, A746, A747, A747N, A766, A767, A777, A797, A801, A811, A817, A821, A827, A836, A837, A847, A867, A877, A885, A886, A887, A897, A927, A927 and others.

#2 Volcano Box Full Set for Repair and Flash Device for Chinese phones

Volcano Box

Check Volcano Box price

Why on this list? With an average rating of 3.+/5, Valcano box is known to be one of the old and best mobile flashing boxes available on the market. It supports many CPU types including MTK, Infineon, SPD, Infineon, ADI, MSTAR supporting more than a single service eg, Read, Write, Flash, Auto-Format, Safe-Format, Custom-Format, NV Backup, Import, Export PhoneBook, Repair, Signal, Decrypt Barcode, Software, USB Read/Write, Repair invalid IMEI for all the above.

The box comes packed with Volcano Box, Cables: USB A to B cable Volcano main cable with activation code Adapters: P-03A P-03B P-04A P-04B P-05A P-05B P-07A P-08A P-10A P-10B P-10C P-10D P-12A P-12B P-12C P-14C P-14D P-14E P-14F P-14G P-14H P-16A P-16B P-18A P-18B P-20B P-20C P-20D P-24A P-30A P-30B Universal adapter thus making you enjoy your experience.

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#3 UFS Turbo Box

UFS Turbo Box

Check UFS Turbo Box price

Why on this list? UFS Turbo Box is a multi device support mobile flashing box, and fully known for its super service to those who have used it. It supports almost all android Samsung, Nokia, LG and Sony Ericsson mobile phones. It has the latest modules of different devices and too with the latest multi-platform phone servicing tool from Saras Factory.

It supports Custom VBat, VPP, RX, TX and BSI connectors, factory Programming Mode, and has High-Speed UART communication up to 3.686.400 Bauds. This I am sure is enough for you to understand why UFS Turbo Box is on this list.

#4 Miracle Box with Miracle Key Dongle

Miracle Box With Dongle Key

Check Miracle Box with Miracle Key Dongle current price

Why on this list? When we talk of mobile flashing tool or box, many people would think of Miracle Box or the Miracle Key Dongle. Yes, because Miracle has made a name for their support of almost all device with all service. Be MTK, SPD, CDMA, Qualcomm, LG, Mstar, CoolSand, RDA, Android, Samsung, Huawei, Blackberry, HTC, Nokia and etc, this will do you what you want.

With Miracle, you can do all ranging from Repair IMEI, Huge firmware files archive, Auto pin finder feature and many others you know with this one single tool. Stop worrying about network locked phones, you can unlock them. Be forgotten pattern, bad imei, or what, you can solve them all.

#5 NCK Dongle

NCK Dongle

Check NCK Dongle / Box price 

Why on this list? I have known NCK dongle for some good time. And I have too used it for different purposes. It being rated at 4.7/5 at Amazon is no new thing as it deserves it. When you think of removing network locks and calculating codes, this device is a must consider.

NCK dongle is an unlimited phone flashing, mobile unlocking and code calculation tool which you can use for both Read/Write firmware, Format phones, Reset factory defaults, Read info and provider ID, Reads LG Correct Code, repair Alcatel One touch imei and more other services. Yes, trying it out is the only way to know how it works and why I recommend it.

Addition 5 mobile flashing box / tools

In addition to the above, the following below are well known and proven tools which can do good than you can imagine. From experience as a mobile phone repairer under AOTLLC, I can tell what is good and what isn’t.  GSM Aladdin key, GPG dragon, Infinity box, and SPT Box are the others. But still, those are not all, there are thousands of others you can check in and buy as per your choice.

Different factors including price, who is selling, where you are buying from, the specifications, features, supported list of phones, supported services and much more can help you in answering the question of what the best mobile flashing box is. You should always take your time, review all services, inquire from the seller if possible so that you only buy what you know other than ordering a regret. Over to you..

Written by KWS Adams

My name is KWS Adams . (Call me Kateregga). I am an IT addict who loves playing around with computers and internet. Computers help me try out different things while turning them into reality, while the internet powers me stay live online. Besides computers, I am a project planning and management professional with an Award obtained from MUK, one of the oldest and best Universities in Africa. Find me on Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp. Find more on how to contact me using the contact me page.


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  1. what box of software would you recommend to buy to do imei repair for samsung phones like the s9, note 9 and s10? i was looking at the UFI box, but wasnt sure it had that capability.

  2. Am thinking of buying either miracle box, cm 2 tool or cs tool. can u reccomend me any that supports lattest phones and quit easy to use, thank you sir

  3. i have a volcano box though it has numerous supported devices but its sofiscated to use and does not support lattest phones , it cant unlock frp, wipe data under usb mode not supported, its just good for old phones

  4. This great article sounds loud and clear from the mouth and brain of a Master this industry.
    I salute your experience, which has just enlightened my choice(s) and decision(s) to make when buying my mobile software tools any time, anywhere.

    Thank you very much for sharing this important advice to us, especially ME that have yet no experience, but still searching for knowledge from good people (writers) who are willing to share some information (their knowledge & and experience).

    I wish to hear and read from your posts again, Sir.

    I’m still using CM2 Dongle only for some the Chinese phones (MTK, SPD, QUALCOMM, etc), but I want to upgrade and move to other choices, reason why I searched and came across this your blog.

    • Thank you Emmanuel for the comment. You are write, sharing is caring. This Blog is at your service. Any time and anywhere, free free to comment and I will be glad to respond. You are one in a million


    • You can make a comparison of the two by looking at their features and list of supported phones. For buying, you can buy from any of your choice stores. Personally, I buy from online and have the boxes shipped to Uganda in 3 days only.

  6. Very well written article. Keep it up !.Please could you recomment me where i can learn more of phone software issues and repair.

  7. What box can i buy for me to be able to work work on phones like techno,itel,infinix,zte,huawe,samsung,LG and other chinese phones

  8. Sir, which one would you recommend between these three:
    #1 Miracle Box #2 Riff Box Jtag #3 Octoplus box
    I can only buy one.

    Very nice article.

    • Thank you Jishu for the comment and inquiry. From what I know, different mobile flashing boxes serve different purposes. And for that, I would recommend you buy Miracle flashing box if yo are planning to use it for different purposes.

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