Sad News! Actor Jason Statham Dies In Car Accident – Hoax

Jason Statham Dead 2016 Hoax “It’s very sad that the world has lost one of the best Actors IN 2016, Jason Statham”. “It is a great loss and which can never be replaced”. “Wonder what will happen with movie The Expendables without him.. I will miss you so much. RIP Jason!” The above and many others similar condolence messages are some of what Jason fans have been posting on the different media channels after seeing the rapidly spreading hoax of the actors death.

When I saw this same message passing on my Facebook wall as seen in the attached images, I never believed it. And yes, I didn’t for reason being that from the past, many similar hoax new announcing the death of the different celebrities have happened just like it is now for movie The Expendables actor Jason Statham.

Jason Statham Car Accident Dead Hoax

All I did immediately was to search for the same in Google about similar and related news not until I found out that these news about Jason Statham’s death were hoax. Ummmm, it’s hard to believe yet it’s very true that this hoax news is circulating rapidly on social media and many others sites.

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When you look in the image above, you see that the original link was faked as right? But guess what, when I attempted to visit the link as you know Facebook will redirect you to the linked website, the link redirected me to a hosting services website “top web hosting providers”.


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This made me realize that indeed, this was a hoax other than a reality. Additionally, Wikipedia and other public edited sites remained with is other than a was when I checked on Jason’s profile. This too meant that The Expendables movie actors was still alive other than being dead as was said in the hoax that he died in the car crush.

Also, when I visited the Nairaland forum on a same question post, I found out that it was a real hoax other than something real. Hoaxes are very common on the internet. The question remains why creators would do such a thing to announce dead those who are still alive. May be for some reasons but who knows? Hope next target is a low profile me :). Hope this answers all emails many sent me asking about the same.

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5 Responses

  1. katabarwa albert says:

    its very asad news mai dia frndz but let think dat the man of transporters is stil alive.

  2. Bernard Nkansah says:

    So the man still a live ? Because he was favorite actor I like him so much he and Mr rambo.please sometimes let’s be serious.Whatsapp me on +233208883883 Bernard..wishing all..

  3. Bernard Nkansah says:

    So the man still a live ? Because he was favorite actor I like him so much he and Mr rambi

  4. Waiswa Joshua says:

    Do you mean to say that the Expendable’s actor Jason is alive.

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