Samsung Fix For Mediaserver Failed Camera Needs Restart

Mediaserver failed, camera needs restart samsung solution This is a tutorial on how to fix or solve this common error of “mediaserver failed camera needs restart” in all Samsung devices. If you happen to be having this problem with your grand prime, grand 2, note 2, i9301i, s3 new, G-530H, and any other version, just consider it done as you have landed the post containing a tested and proven solution which has solves more than 90% of mobiles suffering from this error.

Like many of you know, I am a multi-tasked guy for reason being, the need to make money so I can survive and also take care of my family. Part of my work is tech specializing in mobile phones and computers. One client brought to me his Samsung smartphone for Facebook set up but guess what, every time we reached on take photo, all remained blank.

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This prompted me to try my best so as to find the solution with the first option being to reset the application preferences and which did work. I also did a soft reset and it failed as the mediaserver failed camera needs restart error still existed. Next I did a hard reset and all remained in vain not until I reached a solution you can’t even imagine that it worked.

Solution for Mediaserver Failed Camera Needs Restart for all Samsung

If you are wondering what the exact answer is, take a long breath, relax and continue reading. All you need to do is to back up your devices data, go to settings, select reset and back up. Soft reset your device and once it move after completing, remove the battery for a minute or two or five and put it back. Access your camera and boo, it will be working once again.

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4 Responses

  1. md ramjan ali says:

    Hi firends. i am fixed thats kind of problem in so many mobile. but just few mobile i could not get solutions! so can try about my way on your device. download odin3 and also dowload your current android version. it should be solve ! ok best of luck!

    • KWS Adams says:

      Thanks md ramjan ali for the suggestion. It is unfortunate that you didn’t share the exact how to’s and what one should do after downloading odin3 and also the current android version. I am sure it doesn’t end just there but rather accompanied by some procedures. Please share so all can know. I will offer you guest publishing for your article. Thanks

  2. Diane says:

    I’ve a Samsung galaxy j36 and when I try the camera it says MEDIA SERVER FAILED.CAMERA NEEDS RESTART. I’tried all the advice and it still isn’t working any ideas?

  3. Raz gurung says:

    Done trying, reseting puttinv back my battery, cleared all cache, wiped the cache from partition, again formated my grand 2 and still media server failed.

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