Smart Telecom Uganda Internet Settings – Wap/Edge/Gprs/3G

Smart Telecom Uganda Internet Settings - Wap/Edge/Gprs/3G Are you looking for Smart Telecom  internet, wap, edge, 3g, gprs settings? You have reached the right place and all you need is to keep reading since by the time you go through this entire post, you would have known what you have bee looking for.

Smart Telecom Limited Uganda is a new telecommunication company in offering both voice and data services in addition to other providers like MTN, Airtel, UTL (Mango), Smile, Orange and other small scale data services providers. Formerly known as Sure Telecom, the company is proud of offering the best services like internet or data and at an affordable rates which is why many people out there are looking for those settings so as to activate the service.

Internet providing is one of the main services of Smart-telecom since every new line comes with up to 30MB’s free data which allows one to surf to the maximum. Below are the internet-settings and how to go about setting your device.

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APN – internet or any other provider.
Port  – 8080 or any other by other providers.
Homepage –
IP Address – Use any of the providers.

In short, activating SmartTelecom internet settings can be done using any other settings on your phone. I have tried this on my Blackberry and used UgandaTelecom settings which worked well. On my modem, I used internet as the Access Point Name and *99# as the dial up number.

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9 Responses

  1. Ssali Peter says:

    Wow…. It’s really good the advice is good thank you ?

  2. eddie says:

    your internet speeds are not cool man ….. am disappionted

  3. Jonathan says:

    Now I’m satisfied with the service coz I connect to 3g and I enjoy

  4. Jonathan says:

    I apreaciate yours services but 3G is not affordable bocoze I can’t connect to it . I live kampala/ kigobe

  5. Omuse says:

    Thank you so much for the article. I can now surf the internet from phone using smart telecom

  6. Rosette says:

    Smart telecom has best internet plans and affordable prices. Thank you for such offer to save us from being cheated. Just improve your network and set up your own masts other than roaming on Fake providers like UTL which using Opportunity cost to share its connection among the different areas.

  7. Mabere says:

    Smart sure telecom roaming on UTL and offering very poor service in some areas like Kasenge. Style up please.

  8. Yeye says:

    How to get free internet forever surfing using smart telecom. There are tricks I know please share some with us if you know them tanks.

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