[Solution] MTP Device USB Driver Failed To Install In Windows

MTP Device USB Driver Failed To Install This is a guide on how to fix MTP device USB drivers failed to install on windows OS computer. Media Transfer Protocol aka MTP are drivers which are used when transferring files between Android devices and computer. If MTP device driver fail to install and you got no fix for it or solution, chances are that you won’t be able to succeed in performing your operation.

If you are trying to connect any of the MTP device supported drivers including bit not limited to Samsung S4, S5, Galaxy Note 4, LG K120E, HTC One, M7/M8, Sony and all other known android phones, this article will help you fix the above error of MTP device usb drivers failed to install. All you need is to follow the different alternative solutions in here until you find a working one.

MTP device usb drivers failed to install fix 1

Confirm that the USB Cable you are using is good quality since not all connection cables are supported. You might consider switching cables and try using another as that will likely fix the problem, or validate that something else is likely to be the cause. This seems to work for many out there.

MTP device usb drivers failed to install fix 2

Uninstall and Re-install the drivers. Sometimes, drivers too may get corrupted, and something which will stop their normal functioning. You can try to uninstall and reinstall the drivers again. This will help you discover whether that was the problem, and or it is something else. Driver problem is common and many found reinstalling the a working solution.

MTP device usb drivers failed to install fix 3

Enter your email, select new user, enter name, wait, add and finish all using this Free.

Install Windows generic drivers. Oh yes, this seems to work for many, and one solution I used LG K120E which seemed to have failed. You simply need to access device manager, click on the attached device drivers with error, click update and select let Windows search and install. Windows will search for matching drivers and have them installed.

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  1. win+R
    type regedit
    on the right, delete upperfilters
    and then mtp device will not fail
    thats all 🙂

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