[SOLVED] Error While Searching For Network Samsung Galaxy ON5

Error While Searching For Network Wondering how to go about solving this “Error While Searching For Network” on Samsung Galaxy smartphones including ON5? This tutorial takes you through the different steps and procedures you can use and have your mobile working and accessing network again.

The Samsung Galaxy ON5 is a great smartphone which many people have “fell in love with”. Yes, this device has lost of interesting features and which work exactly as described. In fact, if you are rather looking for one of the best mobile devices you can buy and use, then of course, I would recommend you check on this Samsung Galaxy ON5.

Continuing with our tutorial, many people do ask themselves why this “Error While Searching For Network” will show up. And being honest, at least a bigger percentage of owners doesn’t know the cause and so the solution. If you have been asking yourself this same question, consider yourself lucky since this article has it all.

In the different cases I have witnessed, this error is mostly caused by software related issues with the Galaxy mobile. Quoting what I experienced personally, it all begun when my device lost its IMEI and showed invalid. Attempts to restore this imei using the available imei repair tools returned this error.

John’s issue on the other hand was something related to software update where upon completing the mobile software update, his mobile never saw network again and kept on returning the same error as above.

However, as usual, I managed to find the solution to the error and which I am sure if you too try it out, you will have your Samsung on5 device working again. Please follow the simple procedures below and see if it works. You might be lucky and it works.

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How to fix Error While Searching For Network on Samsung

Option 1 – Access Settings, Mobile network settings, press and to hold the power button and the home buttons together until your device turns off. In the course of turning off, detach the battery while pressing the home button and the power button for at least 10 seconds together. Hold the power and home buttons for 1-2 minutes and re-insert your battery and power on your Samsung galaxy with the SIM Card. Remove then insert the SIM card 3 times while your mobile is on until you are prompted to restart your phone. Continue with restart your phone and you will no longer see error while searching for network.

Option 2 – This is the hardest part and is a bit technical. I would strongly recommend that you visit your customer service or sales agent for help. It requires you to have the necessary mobile flashing tools and possibly a backup copy of your mobile software just in case. This option requires repairing the networking file using a box.

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