[Solved] How To Prevent / Stop Friends / People From Adding You To Facebook Groups Automatically

[Solved] How To Prevent / Stop Friends / People From Adding You To Facebook Groups Automatically How do I prevent friends on Facebook from automatically adding me to the different Groups is one of the hot questions many FB users ask themselves. And yes, many of us end up finding ourselves in the different groups against our will since anyone for as long as he or she is a friend can add you to any group without your approval.

The sad fact is that while this is done against ones will, Facebook itself has no way of helping us prevent or stop other people from adding their friends to certain groups if not all against their will. The only option which is available is to opt out other than preventing the auto opt in by others.

Recently, I found more than 1000 notifications on my Facebook account. The thing I couldn’t imagine was the fact that half of these were notifications about friends having added me to the different groups. I was felt so uneasy since I hate it when others force me into something without my will. Damn, I had to spend the whole day trying to leave these groups and preventing any future adding since its what this social giant seem to offer by default.

The question on how to automatically prevent friends from adding others to the different groups remains unanswered since the only way available is to leave the groups. But you need not to worry since following my way can help you prevent any future groups adding by friends and below is how to go about it.

Prevent/Stop Yourself From Being Added To Facebook Groups

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The idea is very simple and easy well as it requires you being determined and committed since its time consuming. You only need to Tick Box on Prevent others from adding you to this group in the future when leaving each group.

The above will turn your profile invisible to any mass adders of the different groups. The feeling it creates when am added to the different unworthy but junky groups makes me sick but not any more since its all about my wish as of now.

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