The Absentee Motor Vehicle Transfer Process In Uganda

Absentee Vehicle Transfer This is also known as the Transferring of a Vehicle In Absence of the previous owner in Uganda through URA. The previous motor owner is the one who is in the vehicle logbook and it so happens that some people end up missing after selling cars with every fruit to trace them yielding no results sometimes as a result of death or even missing with no clue. In such a case, the Uganda laws authorizes the person who bought the vehicle lastly with all proofs to go on and transfer the motor car/cycle into his or her names but only after fulfilling certain procedures and in this article, you will soon discover how to deal with such instances in the legalized/accepted way.

1. Go to the Commissioner for Oaths, inquire about swearing an Affidavit and do as guided.

2. You should then get the sworn in duly embossed Affidavit before the Commissioner for Oaths and present it to the licensing officer.

3. The same should be accompanied by the a copy of a Public Notice ran in the daily newspapers declaring their intention to transfer the motor
vehicle, and calling on the registered owner to declare their objection if any to the High Court within 2 weeks (should be done before the Oath).

4. You should as well take a Court Order instructing the Licensing Officer to transfer the vehicle to their names.

5. As the applicant, you should present yourself with their original identification documents to the Licensing Officer.

6. You should additionally take with you the original registration book with the transfer forms (Old Form 3) that were issued by the original owner in case they are all available.

7. You should be willing to avail the motor vehicle to the Licensing Officer for inspection.

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8. You should present a paid up assessment which they should have picked from the Licensing office (Please note that this will not be available online).

And after all the above, the Licensing officer will then process and issue a new Registration Book in the names of the applicant (current owner).

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    i am a foreighner in Kenya looking forward to buying a motor in Uganda. kindly advice on what i need to prepare myself with, id highly appreciate it.

    • KWS Adams says:

      When you buy a car, the Ugandan law requires you to transfer it into your names. And in order for that to happen, you need a URA TIN number. So you need money to buy, get a TIN and do the transfer. This site has the URA TIN application process. Check out that post and see what you need. In case you are stranded, feel free to call me on +256752009001 and I will be glad to assist you.

  2. eriah says:

    How much should i pay for the whole process and how long can it take to finish the process?

  3. Alaya says:

    Attractive section of content. I just wanted to ask. How long does the absentee motor vehicle transfer with uganda revenue authority take? Thank you.

  4. Sorio says:

    The process of transferring a vehicle with the current owner absent is tiresome. But this post helped me so much. Can you give me your URA phone number or toll free.

  5. Micheal says:

    Looks tiresome but it helped. After reading your post, I was able to follow all URA procedures as mentioned above from news to court order to inspection and now the log good is in my names. I wish I knew you, I would give you some Kasimo of 100k shillings. Good work Adams.

  6. yusuf says:

    is the court order a mandatory requirement in the absentee motor vehicle transfer process? i have all the requirements like the notice in the news papers, affidavit etc., but i want to know whether i can effect my transfer without that said court order. please reply.

    • KWS Adams says:

      Since you have some of the required details, the best way would be to take them to URA and see if they will be accepted which I guess yes. Alternatively, call the URA toll free number on 0800117000 and inquire.

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