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Top 10 Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers

By KWS Adams Jun30,2020
California truck driver
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Truck drivers do long-hauls and transport all kinds of goods in all types of weather, spending a huge amount of time in their rig. Many days are just routine travel for miles and miles away from family and friends.

To make truckers feel just how much they are appreciated and loved, here are top 10 gifts idea to make them feel so special.

10 best truck drivers gifts 2020

[[[Cooler or Mini-Refrigerator]]]
A cooler or mini-refrigerator will let truckers carry their choice of food and drink. Otherwise, healthy food and favorite beverages are sometimes difficult to obtain when traveling. Anyone who has ever looked for a healthy option while on a long road trip knows this!

[[[Electric Blanket]]]
Keep a driver cozy in the cab with a warm electric blanket. This gift is especially welcome for those truckers who have to jump in and out of their truck on blustery winter days.

[[[Fire Extinguisher]]]
A practical gift that can help to prepare the driver for emergencies, a fire extinguisher is an excellent cab companion. Loved ones can help keep their loved ones safe out on the road.

After a useful trucker atlas, a GPS is the perfect practical gift. The device should be capable of choosing routes according to restrictions on the road for semis as well as for truck length, weight and height.

[[[Satellite Radio]]]
Giving a satellite radio and subscription is a wonderful gift for all those hours on the road. A docking station may be needed as well if the truck does not have access to satellite.

[[[Slow Cooker]]]
By using a 150-watt inverter with a 60-watt slow cooker or a 12-volt cooker, truckers can take their meal with them on the road. Most people find it hard to eat healthfully when traveling, but selecting and cooking healthy recipes will be much easier with a slow cooker.

For minimizing bright-sun glare, truckers need polarized sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses will protect the eyes while increasing depth perception and strengthening sight clarity.

A tablet is a convenient item that can help truckers keep in touch with people back at home. Convenient for a compact cab, the tablet with an internet connection is a great tool for professional travelers.

[[[Travel Mug]]]
A travel mug is always a great thing to give to a trucker. Hot or cold drinks keep longer in a quality mug with a tight-sealing lid. Make sure it’s not the kind that will spill easily.

[[[Wooden Tire Thumper]]]
Useful and attractive, a wooden tire thumper is carried by many professional truckers. These tools are like small bats and feature decorative handles, perfect for grabbing and using one-handed. Make sure you get a sturdy one, though. I good one will last for years, while a cheap one may not last a week!

Hopefully that gave you some ideas for the truck drivers in your life. No matter what truck driving company they work for, they will appreciate these gift ideas. Now get shopping! Christmas is only a few days away.

By KWS Adams

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