Transit From URA Old Booklet To The New Paper Logbook

URA Old to New logbook application This tutorial is on how to transit from the URA old booklet motor vehicle logbook to the new instant paper logbook. Many of you have asked me many questions with regard, and I chose to write this post as a way of answering you. Whether you simply want to exchange your Uganda revenue authority old blue, green, yellow and etc booklet logbook to the new format white paper type paper express motor vehicle logbook, this article is for you.

It should be noted that sometime back, URA, the government body responsible for handling all taxes related issues including motor vehicle and motor cycle registrations introduced the new paper type logbook, a move which saw an end to the issuing of the old type booklet logbook formats.

And in their bid to ensure that all motor vehicle and motor cycle owners exchanges or transit to the new introduced logbooks, URA did hold MASS exchange / transition days, a move which saw many old logbooks exchanged with new ones. And for those who missed out on the above exercise, still there is an option for you to convert your old booklet logbooks to the new paper logbooks. Below are procedures on how to transit from URA old booklet logbooks to the new paper motor logbooks.

Requirements for successful processing of the above

– New URA Tin Number type – Read here on how to get one.
– Old logbook which you want to exchange or replace
– Serial numbers of both the Front and Back vehicle number plates
– A computer with an internet connection

Steps and procedures to perform the Transit from old to new URA logbook

URA Old to New logbook application

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1. Log into your TIN number by accessing the URA web portal.
2. Navigate on your left below e-Services and click Motor Vehicles
3. Click on Add Vehicle details and wait for page to reload.
4. Click OK on prompt, and select New application from drop down menu under Purpose of Application.
5. Fill in everything required and as they are on the old logbook until you reach submission page.

Once you submit successfully, you will be redirected to the confirmation page where you will see an acknowledgement form you are supposed to Print by clicking on the print button. After a few days like one or two or more, you will receive an email confirming the status of your application either as approved or rejected and a reason given. If approved, you will either go to URA to collect your new paper logbook and hand in the old one or simply log into your TIN and print a the new logbook.

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