How To Get A Toll Free Number In Kenya

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how to get a toll free number in kenya
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Owning a toll free number in Kenya for your business means much to clients. Such a phone number allows anyone including clients and other third parties contact your organization, company, business without spending a dime.

Besides being a sign of professionalism, a toll free phone number is an added value to whatever you business in Kenya deals in. Since clients like being treated in the way they prefer, allowing them to call you free irrespective of their reason for example, making an inquiry of a particular service, is one way which can boost whatever you deal in.

Right from selling, promoting or any other activity your business in Kenya is involved in, you are ready to not only to increase but also double or even tripple your earnings and sales in the long run since clients get all information free.

When I published how to get a toll free number in Uganda, I received so many emails all inquiring about how the same can be done in Kenya. That is why I decided to write this short post just to share with all out there who may have been asking yourself the same question.

With a Toll Free Number, its the called party which is responsible for the calling charges associated, as opposed to other number types eg the prepaid or postpaid. And just like how it is in other countries apart from the online free number requirements, the whole process of getting a Toll free number in Kenya is no difference with how it works else where.

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Such numbers are issued to corporate businesses like companies, organizations, emergency services and others related with a main aim or easing the communication gap between them and their clients or the end users.

Kenya toll free number providers list

Instructions to get a toll free number in Kenya

  • Decide on which service provider you want to get your number from eg Telkom, Safaricom, Airtel, etc.
  • Visit their website or service center
  • Fill in the toll free number application form
  • Attach all relevant documents
  • Submit the filled form for consideration.
  • Make Payments of the required fees

Once you are done, your business, company or organisation toll free number in Kenya will be issued to you.

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How To Get A Toll Free Number In Kenya

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