How To Unlock Huawei E1552/E173/E1750/E220 USB Modems

Last Updated on December 25, 2020 by KWS Adams
Unlock Any Huawei Modem and Mobile Phone

Have you ever wondered of the possibility of having your Huawei USB Modem unlocked or even turning it universal  in order for you to be able to use it on any network or data service provider?

Whether your answer is no or a yes, just know that such a thing is very possible and very easy to do provided you have a computer where to insert the USB Dongle and any other internet enabled device like a cell phone, mobile device or any other since that’s what you will use to access some webpage to do process your unlock code.

A few days back, I did buy a Huawei USB modem from eBay and after it was mailed to my address, its when I discovered that the modem was network locked meaning that I couldn’t use it for my connection needs in my country since its a different one from that of the one who sold to me the Modem.

And when that happened and basing o the fact that I was in need of the modem urgently, I decided to take a surf ride over the internet where I discovered the different methods and tricks although many of them never worked for me as I expected but nevertheless, I was able to get the right procedures which can be used to unlock most of the Huawei made modems including the E1550, E226, E270, E271, E272, E169G, E170, E172, E510, E612, E618, E630, E630+, E660, E620, E176, E180, E182E, E196, E155, E156, E660A, E800, E870, E880, EG162, EG162G, EG602, EG602G, E156G, E160, E160G, E161, E166, E169 and many other models, and which is the very formula you are soon discovering below.

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How To Go About The Whole Unlocking Process

1. Check and write down your modem model and its IMEI number which you can locate behind once you remove the back cover.
2. Insert the unsupported SIM card in your modem and plug in to your computer.

3. Follow all the installation procedures until to the last prompt to “input the unlock code”.
4. Now visit the free online modem unlock calculation sites like or any other, write or paste down your Huawei Modem IMEI number and press submit/calculate.

5. You will be provided with two codes – the unlock code and the flash code.
6. Now copy the unlock code, paste it in where you are prompted to Input unlock code and press OK.

You will have successfully unlocked your modem and you will too be able to use any SIM card of your choice in it.

How To Unlock Huawei E1552/E173/E1750/E220 USB Modems

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  1. Great. My Huawei e170 is now super working fine. Am using all lines from other ISP. Keep it up.

  2. How to unlock all huawei modems online please. I have been looking for and searching for the information but I see single single modem ways. I need to start earning from unlocking modems and want to use a free tool to do so. I need a help here in order to unlock modems.

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