Uganda Passport Application Forms – Form A & B

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Ugandan Passport Application

Update: The new passport application form is passport application Form G. It came as a replacement for A and B and is now official. See this post for new Uganda passport application forms.

Form A and B are the forms which any one interested in applying for a Ugandan Passport or travel document should fill. These forms are a must since its where you fill in all details about you in addition to being verified that you are a Ugandan citizen.

These forms are downloaded and are free of charge regardless of whether you get them online or from the Immigration department at any of the passport branches in Uganda or at any Ugandan Embassy.

Forms A and B are what you need as you see them below. Hit download to get them, fill them, take them to the required offices for signing, pay in the bank and take them back.

Download Passport forms A & B, fill and hand in

You will need to Download the passport application forms, have them filled in and hand them in at the Passport offices located near you. This will kick in your application process and you will be done. See below.

Download Uganda Passport Application Form A & B Sample
Uganda Passport Application Forms – Form A & B

50 thoughts on “Uganda Passport Application Forms – Form A & B

  1. Its coming to a year since I applied for a passport. Whenever I go to the office am told they will text me to go and pick it. How long does one have to wait?

  2. Please how are considering people who had been having passport. Suggest we take back the old ones and issue us with new ones at no pay. Because we paid out of struggle and no money. People just consider us too.

  3. great work done.
    is there any provisions for online forms while applying for a Passport Travel Document?

  4. now suppose i lost my parents yet in the forms i have fill them up, what do i do?
    for my case, i dont know my mother, i just grew up with my father but as i talk he is also dead, i dont know the where about of my mother.
    what should i fill up ?

    1. The forms are free for download. If you can find them, use the contact us page above and reach me by email or phone and I see a way to help you out..

  5. Am I allowed to download the forms online, print them, feel them and then approved by LC1, LC2, LC3, GISO, POLICE AND RDC and submit them at the offices in kampala?.
    How much is a nob express passport.
    Thanks fot your services

  6. can one acquire a visa to work abroad personaly?
    what are the basic requirements one should have to process or get a passport?
    how long does it take after one has submited in the documents to ge his/her passport?
    Thank you for thr services you render to us.

    1. The duration it takes varies. Once you have the forms filled, stamped and signed as required eg from LC1, LC2, LC3, GISO, POLICE and RDC. The next thing is payment and submitting where you will be given a date for the Interview. Usually it takes less than a month after the Interview for your passport to be out.

  7. why am i failing to download a pdf form of the application for a ugandan passport.
    incase i download the form which email do i forwad it to after filling.
    thanks for your services
    For God And My Country.

    1. You can’t forward the filled forms to any email, but rather you should submit in hand an the Passport offices near you eg in Kampala at MIA.

  8. I am trying to download the application forms to renew my passport,but i am failing.Can you please assist and send them to me on my email address below.

  9. Hallo,

    Please send me the application forms on the below email because it has failed to download.Thanks

  10. am having a problem in downloading the paassport appplication form send them to my email address

  11. Trying to renew my passport, do i use the same form. Kindly send me the passport renewal form to my email below.


  12. Oh !!! am trying to get the Ugandan passport form but am unable to get form “B” .Please help and avail this form for me .

  13. Hi there, everything is going nicely here and ofcourse every one is sharing facts, that’s really excellent, keep up writing.

  14. Thank you so much. This post helped me search for the right Uganda passport forms. I tried downloading the above form and couldn’t. May be I used a wrong tab. Thank you.

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