Ugandan Banks Which Offer PayPal Verification Credit / Debit Cards

Ugandan Banks Which Offer PayPal Verification Credit / Debit Cards How to verify PayPal in Ugandan a question many online money makers ask. This is because of the fact that the only way to access and withdraw money off a PayPal account is having it verified, and having it linked to a bank account. The same applies to a time when you are required to verify your identity by PayPal just like it happens on many occasions, or in cases when you should and you are required to do so.

In here, you will find a list of those banks in Uganda which offer their customers debit and credit cards which can be used to verify a PayPal account. And do you know what it means? The answer is simple. You get access to withdrawing and transacting unlimited transactions on your account. Below are some of the banks you should try out if you want to get a credit or debit card which you can use to verify your PayPal account.

1. United bank of Africa (UBA).
2. Stanbic bank.
3. Diamond trust bank (DTB).
4. Equity bank.
5. Eco bank.
6. Crane bank
And very many other banks with a VISA logo.

But, many of these banks require one to make a request for POS activation. This means that before you decided to use your card to verify your PayPal account, you might consider requesting your bank in Uganda to activate your card.

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