URA Graduate Trainee Shortlisted Candidates

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Here is an answer to this question about, the Shortlisted list of candidates who successfully made it to the URA Graduate Trainee. Yes, this question has been asked and is still being asked by very many people who applied for the above trainee program. The need to know when the shortlist will be out is one mind-blowing question which many ask themselves.

Many of my readers who seem to have successfully submitted their applications for the URA graduate trainee program have continued to send me this same question about when the shortlist will be out. But honestly, I myself don’t know when well as all I can tell you is the fact that the list of those who are successful will be out, and officially released by URA as usual. But also, the shortlist for the 2021 URA candidates is out

In this post, and as part of answering the question of when will the URA graduate trainee shortlist be out as asked by many of you, I am simply sharing with you what you can do to stay in touch and be the first to know the very moment that long-awaited list has been released. Very simple, follow the below guidelines.

Follow URA’s Twitter page – Back at 6:15 AM on 6 Jan 2020, the same thing happened. URA officially Twitted a post about the release of the long-awaited Graduate Trainee Shortlist. The Tweet included a link to where the list was accessed and many people who were followers by then got this very first-hand information almost instantly. You too can try the same this year 2020 and who knows, you could be the one to tell others. The Twitter handle / Username is @URAUganda.

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Check on the URA web portal always – Yes, just like you are reading this, I am sure it’s because of the fact that you are either a daily follower, reader, subscriber, or newcomer arriving here from search engines. Now that you know how to browse the web, you should make use of the Uganda Revenue Authority’s web portal under careers so as to be aware when the 2020 shortlist list is out. The link is https://ura.go.ug/

Read newspapers daily – Yes, many things are published in the newspapers eg Bukedde, Newvision, Monitor, Redpepper, Weekly Observer and others. If you can’t buy, then borrow always from those who can buy them. Staying tuned will stand you high chances of knowing when the awaited list is out.

URA Graduate Trainee Shortlisted Candidates

20 thoughts on “URA Graduate Trainee Shortlisted Candidates

  1. dear ura mgt,
    may I know when the shortlist for domestic taxes will be out, and please a kind request that can you send us the list on our email. thanks

  2. Good evening, please when is the date for doing interviews of the Domestic taxes officer advertised in June 2017 and also i have not recieved any update on my e-mail about the shortlist yet there was a short list i saw on watsup and my name was inclusive on the domestic taxes officer shortlist, any i was wondering why i could not recieve any update about the shortlist on my e-mail and this is the very e-mail i used for applying
    thanks & regards,

  3. dear Adams, when will the short list for domestic tax officers out. the one of June advert.thanks

  4. Hello Adams, kindly inform us about the registration for the internship training.I have the love to train with your organisation to gain more experience and skills under information technology skills .thank you

      1. Hello Adams, kindly inform us about the registration for the internship training .I have the passion to train with your organization to gain experience and skills. Thank you so much

  5. bt w wre confuzd of the fst advert and the second one becouse the fst advert didnt specify the numbr of graduates they need bt the second one needs five graduates in HR…so whts right

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