How To Fix Variant Also Negotiates “HTTP 506 Error”

Variant also negotiates

The HTTP 506 variant also negotiates is an error that many find uneasy dealing with. I have gone through it and was able to go past it following the instructions I am sharing below. Whether it is your first time seeing such an error, or a repeated error, I will show you how to fix it and have your website up once again with the ability to access your WP Dashboard as admin.

What is Variant also negotiates error?

Varianet also negotiates https 506 error simply refers to that situation when the server serves a different version of the same resource than what it was supposed to. This commonly happens when a server supports multiple variants.

Common Causes of Variant also negotiates error

  • Incorrect file permission
  • Server configuration
  • Database issues

How to Fix Variant Also Negotiates

When I switched to the free Ezoic WordPress hosting and also turned on Cloudflare, I got this error of Variant also negotiates. The first thing I did that helped me fix was to contact my new host so that they could look into the issue. Shortly after, the customer representative promised to have this sorted and indeed the HTTP 506 error disappeared.

The first option that you can do is to contact your web hosting provider since the variant also negotiates errors mostly rotates around your host. But you can temporarily deactivate the Cloudflare plugin or integration and see if the error disappears.

If the 506 error still persists even after contacting the web hosting service provider and deactivating the Cloudflare plugin or integration, then it might be best to try and find another solution. You might consider looking into disabling or clearing the cache-clearing plugin to see if that solves the issue. You may also need to check if there are any recent WordPress site updates including plugins or themes that may have caused the issue and make sure you are running the latest version of your chosen applications.

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