How to Fix Xbox One Lagging But Internet Is Fine

xbox one lagging but internet is fine

When compared to other gaming console providers on the market, the Xbox One is one of the most well-liked game consoles according to gamers because it is recognized to offer all the online gaming services the majority of gamers would like.

Owning or having access to the Xbox One gaming console grants one the option of playing online when they want, picking up shooters, and playing for as long as they desire.

If your Xbox One is lagging but your internet is fine, the steps listed below will help you get your game console back on track after removing the lag issue. Why does my Xbox lag but my brothers’ doesn’t, is a frequently asked topic, and this article provides an answer.

4 Ways To Fix Xbox One Lagging But Internet Is Fine

  • Connect to the Internet:  Make sure you have an active internet connection. Ensure that your cable or Wireless connection is active. You can try connecting a different device like a Samsung smartphone and see if it is working. If the connection is active, on your Xbox One console,  open network settings >> set up wireless connection >> enter username and password. Finish setting up and your gaming console shouldn’t be laggy anymore.
  • Increase Bandwith limit: If you had set a limit of data, your can increase it since reaching the data cap will force the Xbox one console to stop accessing the internet as a result of reaching the limit. Go to settings >> network >> network settings >> bandwidth >> increase the limit. Doing this will allow your console to access the internet without limit thus stopping lag.
  • Disable automatic updates: Automatic updates can occur in the background and prevent your console from accessing the internet the way you want. Depending on the size of the update, it may take longer to download thus interfering and causing the Xbox series x lagging yet the internet is fine.
  • Restart your Xbox one gaming console: Sometimes, restarting the console helps restore access since everything is started fresh. You can do this and see if it works.

Final Word

There are several ways you can try out when fixing Xbox series x lagging but the internet is fine. Each of the alternative solutions works best when the real problem or cause was exact. By improving the wireless strength, you are able to stop the laggy behavior thus making use of your gaming to the maximum

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