10 MB Free Internet Surfing Data With Coke Connect Season 2

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Coke Connect Free Internet Surfing Data

Free Internet Data for MTN and Airtel. Are you an internet user? This post will guide you on how to get free 10 MBs of Internet surfing data with Coke Connect. Once known as the MTN/AIRTEL/ORANGE coke connect in its first season which ended some months back – where you were required to visit www.cokeconnect.ug to register and start using the servive, this promotion is back and reloaded this time since it allows you to enjoy free internet while at the same time allowing you to enjoy your coke to relieve your thirsty without the need to create an account.

And for those who might have enjoyed the previous Coke Bundle season as seen in this post, you must be knowing what am sharing about when I talk of free data. None of us doesn’t love free offers not so? And which is why we are always eager to listen and or see anything to do with an available offer like this second phase of free unlimited date for you.

Guess what, I was listening to the radio and heard an advert about this offer and which I never believed to be true since the one I knew had been ended some months back but after trying the formula which was given, I ended up having up to 10 Megabytes of free surfing and which am using to write and post this freebie article.

Sure, you must already be wondering how you can get started not so? Yes, the answer you are looking for is listed below.

1. Start by looking for a coke cap which you can get by either buying one for yourself or pick from where you find it.
2. Open the cap and find the written code inside.
3. Send the Code to 1610 and you will instantly get your free data to enjoy your internet.

Please note that this applies to the 300ML coke bottles only. Do it now and start the freebie offer.

10 MB Free Internet Surfing Data With Coke Connect Season 2

22 thoughts on “10 MB Free Internet Surfing Data With Coke Connect Season 2

  1. Coke,oh! no!no!no! Are you freecing us or something? For the last 15 days,I have tried to get those free MBs via 6010 or 1610 but to no avail and yet my phone is ever loaded with enough airtime.I have drunk unquantifiable bottles of coke and I have a number of tops with codes but all have yielded nothing. Imagine the disappointment I have had! Coke,please, Practise What You Preach!!

  2. coke! each time i sms my code it fails to, what is the problem

    which number do i sms my code to, is it 6010 or 1610 because radio adverts say 6010 but your post on your page says 1610

  3. Just 110/=for 10MBs in sms,??? Good saving just after enjoying a cool drink.

    Anyway,i have lots of caps here.All you need to do is just contact me 0752522328

  4. Good stuff from coke! i was the Master of ceremony at Elyon schools kampala nakawa and i asked people to try cocacola.Do you why,?? i wanted the bottle caps for MBs!!!
    To day i will be Mceeing at Elyon schools Nsangi campus.And i already asked the chairman to opt for more 300ml.coca than any other soft drinks.Is there anything you want me to advertise free of charge,?? It’s gonna be big end of year ceremony.

  5. An option for inputting the codes using the web should be availed so that If one doesnt have credit then a second option of using the web would come in handy.

    1. You don’t need to register. You simply need to send the code to 6010 and you will instantly get the free 10 mb coke connect bundle which you can use to surf any internet webpage 🙂

  6. Coke cola is a good company due to rewarding customers not only with internet but with many others like free tonnes. I get cool wallpaper and now free data to surf. Good post thank you.

  7. Sipping a coke while getting rewarded. I found a code in the 300ml bottle and sent the number to 160 it worked. Are the old other numbers still working? For season one coke? Send me email

  8. Is this another mtn connect free coke offer? My God, I wish to start right away with free internet. 10 mb free is good here in Uganda where internet is sold at a high cost. Thank you coke cola.

  9. Coke connect free internet is good since it helps up suf for free. Imagine getting free 10mbs free data and facebooking for free. So great and its a return.

  10. Another coke free internet connection 2014. This is great and I have been looking for it. Can I use it on all networks? Reply please.

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