15 Best Jobs That Make a Lot Of Money 2020

Highest paying jobs todayIf you are looking for those best jobs which will help you make a lot of money, then you might consider trying out the ones listed below. This compilation puts into consideration up to 15 highest paying jobs not only for this year 2020, but too for the coming years basing on history.

Being employed in one of the below categories will not only help you make a lot of money as your salary but will too help you achieve your long term goals and objectives in life since you will be able to do whatever it takes to ensure that what you set is what you complete; and yes, money takes it all.

For the past time, many of us have known that practicing law or medicine means making lot of money. Lets find out below if aw or medicine still takes on the lead when it comes to the highest paying jobs.

Please note that this is a list post well as we have added the base salaries for each Job. According to Backdoor, below are the highest paying jobs with their average bases salaries per year.

1. Physician

Physicians have an average base pay of $246,291/y

2. Lawyer

Lawyers have an average base pay of $136,366/yr

3. Director R&D

Directors of R&D have an average base pay of $149,406/yr

4. Senior Software Development Manager

Senior Software Development Managers have an average base pay of $166,040/yr

5. Pharmacy Manager

Pharmacy Managers have an average base pay of $168,177/yr

6. Strategy Manager

Strategy Managers have an average base pay of $120,118/yr

7. Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architects have an average base pay of $161,272/yr

8. Analog Engineer

Analog Engineers have an average base pay of $120,708/yr

9. IT Director

IT Directors have an average base pay of $157,008/yr

10. Software Architect

Software Architects have an average base pay of $134,515/yr

11. Senior Engagement Manager

Senior Engagement Managers have an average base pay of $141,784/yr

12. Applications Development Manager

Applications Development Managers have an average base pay of $139,766/yr

13. Staff Pharmacist

Staff Pharmacist have an average base pay of $147,574/yr

14. Finance Director

Finance Director have an average base pay of $162,413/yr

15. Senior Data Scientist

Senior Data Scientists have an average base pay of $162,134/yr

Now that you have seen the much the different positions in the different fields earn, I am very sure you have already made a choice on what your next job will be if you want to make good money.

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Written by KWS Adams

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