2016 NIRA Jobs – 1000’s Submitted Their Applications To PIUL

I witnessed thousands of Ugandan’s lined up at Profiles International Uganda Limited offices located on Plot 26B Tufnell Drive, Kamwokya, Kampala trying to submit in their National Identification and Registration Authority 2016 job applications as were called for in the adverts both online and offline. Believe me you, this was the second time I have seen thousands of people in queues in a bid to secure the available vacancies in Uganda.

NIRA being a government institution might have been the result for the high turnover of applicants trying to land their dream jobs. People of different tribes and races were seen in these lines across the 4 different desks which were designed to handle receiving and registration of related applications and documents.

Some of the jobs which many lined up for and waiting for the NIRA shortlist, after they appeared in the adverts included bit not limited to;

– “Personal Assistant to the Executive Director
– Public Relations Officer
– Client Relations Officer
– Procurement Officer
– Accountant Read More…
– Administrative Officer
– Transport & Logistics Officer
– Records Officer – Administration
– Legal Officers
– Registry Officer / Supervisor
– Registration Officers
– Citizenship Verification Officers
– Data Processing Officers
– Data Production Officers
– Engineers
– Database Administrators
– Systems Administrator
– Network Administrator
– Data EXIM Officer
– Cyber Security Officer
– Human Resource Officer (Payroll/Employee Relations)
– Records Officer – Human Resource
– Policy Analysis / Planning and Development Officer
– Research Officer
– Monitoring and evaluation Officer
– Internal Auditor
– Assistant Registry Officers
– Accounts Assistants
– Administrative Assistants
– Drivers
– Store Keepers
– Office Assistants”

NIRA PIUL Job applicant update

In July 2016, NIRA commenced a recruitment exercise in which it called for applications from suitably qualified Ugandans to fill various positions in its organizational structure including; Managers, Senior Officers, Officers and support staff. It was projected that the recruitment exercise would be complete within 2 months from its commencement.

However, due to the overwhelming interest, a record number of applications were received by the Consultant (Profiles International Uganda Limited) who NIRA contracted to conduct the recruitment exercise on its behalf. More time is required to objectively and fairly handle all applications.

NIRA therefore requests for your patience and understanding as the Consultant endeavors to process the numerous applications received within the shortest time possible.

We estimate that all successful candidates for the respective positions would have been contacted by 31st January 2017.

Guess what, the hunt for jobs in Uganda continues basing on the fact that there are very many job seekers copared with the number of available opportunities and positions. This means that either many have to retire from their current positions to create room for new entrants and or, other jobs should be created so as to handle to the increasing demand day by day.

KWS Adams

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79 Responses

  1. Nimwesiga Onan says:

    I am Nimwesiga Onan, I wish to know whether successful candidates were contacted especially assistant registration officers.

  2. Akhusam kazibwe says:

    are oral interview for data processing officers done?

  3. Akot Christine says:

    Have oral interviews for Accountant and Account Assistant positions already done. If not, when should we expect them?

  4. opio hannington says:

    When is next interview for asst DR?

  5. opio hannington says:

    I would like to know if the short list is out. I have applied for assistant DR and now waiting for oral

    • faustin says:

      You man, keep cool, joining NIRA is almost like going to heaven,
      have they started with orals?
      let me know



    • KWS Adams says:

      Thanks for the comment MANIGARUHANGA VICTOR M. The one best way to get to know what projects are current in NIRA Uganda is to go to Kololo direct and inquire. Trust me you will be able to get first hand information and all will be okay as you wish.

  7. Mukoya betty .w. says:

    Hi am betty walyaula. Shd i have hope for oral test or it was done already. Thaxz

  8. JACOBNOAH K says:

    Hello fellow countrymen … any updates


    Thanks NIRA for the great work done so far. we hope for more to come.

  10. TUMUSIIME Ronald says:

    TUMUSIIME Ronald, I applied for asst registration officer.may God help us coz the pressure is too much.desperately waiting for the shortlist.

  11. Winny Akullu says:

    Today is 8th Feb 2017,have successful candidates been contacted by 31st Jan 2017? Update me on what is happening.

  12. ASIBUKU JAFARI says:

    Hello guys i am ASIBUKU JAFARI FROM YUMBE, I’m notyet being kold 4 oral intervew..plz lets be patient enough , u know NIRA is overwhelmed by the great no. of applicants thus y it took nearly 4months for them to produce the list of candidates 4da appitude test, am sure by early march 2017 successful candidates shall be called for orals as dy did 4da written

  13. KAKURU Ronald says:

    Hello, this is KAKURU Ronald from Kabale, I would like to know that is true the shortlist is out for those who applied on assistant registration officer

  14. Namitala Lydia says:

    Hello am Namitala Lydia.I applied for Records assistant in the third phase but I have never been called for any interview should I consider myself un successful? Thank you.

  15. Oguna Bob says:

    Sir, I would like to know if the shortlist for all positions for which apptitude tests have been conducted so far shaall be out by 31st January 2017 as you have promised.

  16. AMANYA EDWIN says:

    Am Amanya Edwin, i did aptitude test at Kololo s.s for the post of Assistant Registration officer district, so i would like to know the day when we are starting to work

  17. Abigaba Barbra says:

    Thanks nira am still waiting for mor updates on
    dataabase admnistrator

    • faustin says:

      Babra were you in the same room with me that day of the aptitude test?, how many do they want for the Post of DBA?

  18. kekimuli Sarah says:

    stilling waiting for updates on the shortlist for the next level did aptitude test for the assistant registration officer.thanks

  19. monica says:

    when is the oral shortlists going to be out for assistant registration officer.pliz notify

  20. GONYI VINCENT says:

    THAX FOR THE UPDATE ! But pliz notify me incase of any development.


    I was worried knowing that may be oral interviews were already finished,
    please notify us about the progress of our candidature.

  22. Richard says:

    Thanks Nira for the Update you have Resecued Applicants From the Cormmen Who were claiming to have done interviews With View of helping others to go through

  23. Solome says:

    Thanks Nira for the Update you have Resecued Applicants From the Cormmen Who were claiming to have done interviews With View of helping others to go through

  24. ANGURIA SAMUEL says:

    We are still imagining where the recruitment process has reached because for us who did uptitude test for the 2nd Phase advert don’t know how far it is now and those ones who applied for the 3rd phase also don’t know what is going on.
    So please if there is any one who is well up-to-date he or she should inform the rest.


    Again for other posts which we had applied for client care relations,Administrative Assistants,in the second advert have they done any interview as of yet Thank you again


    Hello i applied for for Assistant District Registration Officer ,and iwas shortlisted for apptitude test in kololo whic idid ,so iwanted to know if i was shortlisted .Thankyou

  27. florence says:

    hello i would like to know if the list of successful candidates is out? because it was not communicated during the interviews. thanks



  29. Wasonga janani says:

    wen will the short lists be out or i should consider my self not shortlisted?

  30. MASEREKA ELIUD says:

    hello, i would like to know if the shortlist for data officers is out or if not when will it be out thanks

  31. nakku hanifah says:

    is the shorlist going to be published?? there are instances where the messages may not be received but one can get to know through the website
    please publish the website


  32. mukhama habs says:

    happy to be part of the shortlist but………………..please God

  33. kataha gorret says:

    humbly waiting for the sms or a call. but please publicise the shortlist. thanks

  34. kataha gorret says:

    hello. I am still waiting for the shortlist. will it be published or not. please let us know. thanks

  35. Besigomwee Alex says:

    The long waiting has come so God should be in control for us to get through

  36. Magezi Charles says:

    some people have received messages but where is the shortlist for assistant registration officers!
    are u still sending?

  37. Brian Twinomugisha says:

    Kindly publish the shortlists onto your websites, please. sending sms alone triggers anxiety among some members


    YOU MEAN SOME RECIEVED MASSAGES PEOPLE????? Inform us please, we are still waiting..

  39. Mbambu Jennipher says:

    You should always publish short list on your website,sending messages is not enough.

  40. eelu demion says:

    be open and give us the reply concerning our applications thanks

    • KWS Adams says:

      It was clearly indicated that “if you don’t hear from them within 2 months from the application closing date, consider yourself unsuccessful”. But you ca wait a little longer and see. You might still be one of the lucky ones.

      • Alinaitwe Job says:

        man don’t think like like a kid. wat does it cost dem to produce shortlist. watif I lost da tel line. plz b considerate. we are soon giving up ov did regime. I c no transparency in did exercise

        • KWS Adams says:

          Sure, how about if I agree that am thinking like a kid? May be you should keep waiting and or give up 🙂 but can you? Its a job your applied in need, so wait

  41. Julie makanga says:

    Am still waiting for the shortlist

  42. jingo fred says:

    when is the list going to be out

  43. Flavia Nandugga says:

    Please im inguiring on wether the shortlist for nira vacancies is already out.

  44. welishe andrew says:

    with God all things are possible. soon i will be part of NIRA.

  45. monica says:

    when a the shortlists out?

  46. Andiheihi amos says:

    i do no if the exercise will b genuine!!!!
    Am scared

  47. OKELLO WALTER says:


  48. arnold says:

    Humbly waiting 4 ur short list optimistic of being part,God bless ur work.



  50. Masika Immaculate says:

    Thanks for the updates. Kindly let me when the shortlist is out.
    I applied for Storekeeeper & procurement officer

  51. Evelyn Alaboro says:

    Oh God be in control because we have tried we dedicate the rest to your hands because nothing more we can do.I would like to find out when the list will be out governmenti etuyambe

  52. Mildred Ngonzi says:

    I would like to know when the shortlist will be out

  53. yashir umar says:

    how far is the shortlist

  54. Ategeka Vincent says:

    Hello, am not different from the rest about the short list for assistant registration officer.

  55. Barekye Bosco says:

    I would like to know when is the shortlist about our applications.Thank you

  56. Masereka Godwin says:

    Pliz let me know when the shortlist will be out or is it already out?

  57. Sharp Dasani says:

    I’m by names of SHARP DASANI, please help me know when the shortlist will be out, I apllied as District Registration officer.thank you.

  58. Frederick T. Twahirwa says:

    Please notify me when the Assistant Registration Officer shortlists is out

  59. Frederick T. Twahirwa says:

    kindly notify me too pleaze when the Assistant Registration Officer shortlists are out

  60. Nalwanga Lydia Sanyu says:

    How far with the shortlist please

  61. Chris says:

    How far with the shortlist

  62. wekiya silas says:

    Eagerly waiting for your consideration. Will be glad if shortlisted.

  63. Lawrence Collins says:

    I put in application both slots nut my worry is if they do not become like Immigration jobs which were full of flaws after making people run over 12kms and undressing us the still hard to nulfy the exercise without due respect of Ugandan citizens.

    I will be happy for the updates Ssebo Muzamiru

    • ssebwami muzamiru says:

      interestingly afta nulfying da exercise, memberz r already working. i was suprized to see a list of successful immigration officer trainees at internal affairs. bt lets hope 4 da best frm nira

  64. andama ronald says:

    I’m getting impatient with the short list issue, can some body please update me on this?I love my country and I’ve worked with NSIS
    Before as enrollment officer and issuing officer.

  65. Habyarimana kelebu says:

    Dear sir/madam, please i request you to notify me if the shortlist is out because iam among the people who applied.
    in the second last advert.
    thank you for the information.

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