Airtel / Orange / Yu Telecom Kenya Mobile Internet / Wap Settings

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Can You Access Free Internet In Uganda On MTN/UTL/Airtel/Africell/Orange/Vodafone/K2/Smart ISP's?

Are looking for Mobile GPRS, WAP, Edge, 3G and 4G manual Settings and configurations for all Kenya Internet service providers? This is an article you must read since I have compiled the entire list of the above for the different mobile service providers including Safaricom, Airtel, Orange and Yu Telecom all operating in Kenya where by all you need is to add them in your phone internet profiles by creating new ones or even editing and modifying the already existing ones and get started.

What you should note is that depending on your phone type and brand for example Nokia, Sony Ericson, Android, Samsung an any other, you will need to follow the right procedures in order to get started with adding the below internet connection settings. If you own a China made device for example the Tecno mobile, check out the gprs/wap/internet for china made phones and here for Androids and Samsung users.

Once you know where to add the settings, just in put the following below and you will have your device connected online instantly where by you will be able to chat on social sites like Facebook, send emails and do any other. Below are the different provider settings

Airtel Kenya Data Settings

Account Name : Airtel Internet
Proxy serv. Address :
Proxy Port number : 8080
APN : internet
Homepage :

Orange Kenya Settings

Account Name : Orange Internet
Proxy serv. Address :
Proxy Port : 8080
APN : or
Homepage :

Yu Telecom Kenya Settings

Account Name : Yu Internet
Proxy serv. Address :
Proxy Port number : 8080
APN : internet
Homepage :

Airtel / Orange / Yu Telecom Kenya Mobile Internet / Wap Settings

7 thoughts on “Airtel / Orange / Yu Telecom Kenya Mobile Internet / Wap Settings

  1. I saw this post on other page. It had identical meaning but in a completely different words, they use advanced article rewrite, you should read about it I guess. Nice original post.

  2. Hi,
    I am trying to connect my ZTE CDMA modem to a TP LINK WIRELESS Router. Do you know, or are you able to get the Authentication settings like Dial number, APN, username and password? Thanks.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Try the following procedures..

      Click on quick setup by going to Start, Internet Access, WAN/3G, Wireless and Finish

      The router provides up to 4 Internet
      access modes which you can choose from ie 3G Preferred – Use 3G as the primary access, WAN as a backup.
      3G Only – Only use 3G as the access to
      the Internet. WAN Preferred – Use WAN as the primary access, 3G as a backup.
      WAN Only – Only use WAN as the access to the Internet. Select either 3G only, or 3G preferred and then click NEXT.

      Select Authentication type AUTO and enter configuration manually ie
      Access Number: *99#
      Access Point Name (APN): call your ISP to get it
      Username: call your isp to get it or leave blank
      Password: call your isp but always its blank and hit NEXT.

      Enable wireless radio, enter a name
      for your wireless network. Leave
      channel as AUTO, Mode as 11bgn mixed,
      channel width as auto. Under wireless
      security, select WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK.
      Enter a password for your wireless
      (PSK password).

      Click NEXT and hit click FINISH. Your router will reboot and you will be done and you will now be able to connect to your new network with the password you created.

      If you need to edit the settings or change to another network, login to the router management console, click on
      NETWORK, click on 3G, and manually
      enter the settings (APN and access

      Post back to let me know if it worked for you. Make sure to call your ISP to get details like APN, username and password.

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