Airtel Unlimited 3G/4G Free Internet Tricks

Airtel Unlimited 3G 4G Free Internet Do you really understand the power of Enjoying unlimited free Airtel internet with Zero (0) balance? If yes, then you are just exactly like I am. First of all, there is no way I can spend a day without going online. This means that whether I have data or not, truth is that I have to find  a way to surf the Internet and which is why I come up with new tricks and ideas to help me achieve my goal.

Using these tricks will help you enjoy unlimited free internet while at the same time allowing you to stay secure,  bypass firewalls, unblocks  your ISP restrictions, unblock Voice over internet protocol and even access a whole range of applications which are limited to those who paid OTT (my Ugandan friends).

Through the use of third party applications which can freely be downloaded from the Internet eg from Google play store and other apk mirrors, you are able to enjoy Airtel unlimited free internet trick in India and Uganda. And please take note that this guide is for Informational purposes only. Refer to our disclaimers page.

What you can do with Airtel unlimited free Internet tricks

  • Surf unlimited internet with Zero balance.
  • Unblock restricted or blocked sites.
  • Enjoy unlimited downloading
  • Watch full length movies, songs and videos.
  • Enjoy your right to Social Media

What you need to Enjoy Airtel Unlimited free Internet

Now that you know the benefits associated using the unlimited Airtel 2g, 3g, 4g free internet trick, it is very important for you to know what you need in order to get started.

  • Android OS smartphone or iPhone and etc.
  • Supported VPN application
  • Knowledge of your mobile phone settings
  • Zero balance on your mobile account
  • This post opened since you need it for configs.
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Setting up our Airtel unlimited free internet (India)

1. Download DroidVPN apk from Google Play store.
2. Install, open it on your mobile, create an account and sign in.
3. Tap Start and go to Settings.
4.  Tap Connection then selects TCP.
5. Enable http headers and input the below.
6. Host: and X-Online-Host:

You can save your new settings now and Close DroidVPN application. Relaunch it and wait it to connect. You are ready to surf the Internet unlimited. Enjoy all downloads at free.

Setting up our Airtel unlimited free internet (Uganda)

1. Download Psiphon Pro apk from Google Play store.
2. Install, open it on your mobile smartphone.
3. Tap Open and select Tunnel whole device
4.  Tap Start, agree to prompt and wait for App to connect.
5. One the P letter is at standstill, you are just connected.

You are ready to surf Unlimited free internet on Airtel in Uganda. Please ensure that you are having zero balance of data otherwise, your data bundle may be accumulated.

Also note that the ISP may be subjected to blocking this app or its free usage without your knowledge or mine at any time..

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