How To Apply For A US Nonimmigrant Visa [DS-160] In Uganda Online

Reading this post takes you through the step by step guide on how to apply for a US Nonimmigrant visa in Uganda online. If you have been wondering how to go about it, just sit and relax, this post has it all. Many people tend to ask themselves a bunch of questions for example, how to travel to the United States from Uganda? How to apply for a US VISA? What is the difference between an Immigrant and a Nonimmigrant Visa? US Visa application Kampala? Scheduling an appointment with the US Embassy Kampala? Processing a VISA application payment receipt? And very many others.

Regardless of the question you may be having for as long as it is involving US VISA application in Uganda, reading this post might be very helpful. Trust me, by the time you o through it all, you would have known what you need to do, what you need, and how to go about it. US Nonimmigration Visa’s are those Visa types which are meant for people who are not applying for Permanent stay when they visit the United States. These can be but not limited to visits, touring, medical, NGO work, Studying and others.

And in order to qualify, one needs to provide information which is enough to convince the Interviewer that indeed, you qualify to be given a US Nonimmigration Visa. Failure to do so means being denied a chance to travel to the US, which can either force you to reapply once again after correcting the information, and or to forget about it all. Wondering how to get started? Find all the information you need about how to apply for a US Nonimmigrant VISA (DS-160) in Uganda online.

Getting started by collecting all required info

You should begin by collecting all related information with regard to why you need to travel to the United States, and or as to why you need to apply for a US Visa. If you received a visit invitation, make sure that you have it. If you are going for medical purpose, ensure that you have all related medical information. If you are going to study, make sure that you have all required info for example a Scholarship. If you are going to attend sports, ensure that your invitation is available. And so to all others including professions and non profession purposes. Also you should have your passport with you, have an email address for correspondence, know your exact mailing address and any other which may be required.

Know the VISA type and the Category it falls

Yes, this is very vital when preparing to apply for a US Nonimmigrant VISA in Uganda online. It can be a reason for your denial, and or a reason for your acceptance. The fact is that different VISA types fall under different categories where by the reasons you plan to give for your travel should match with the VISA type you are applying for. For example, one who wants to travel to the United States for medical reasons, you should apply for a same category VISA, and vice versa. This means that not knowing what you exactly need, may create instant denial. You can refer here for more about the different US Nonimmigrant VISA categories eg, A, B-1, B-2, J, E-3, BCC, C-W1, D, G1-G5, NATO, A-2, NATO1-6, O, Q, L, I, H-1B1 – Chile, H-1B1 – Singapore, TN/TD, H-1B, and others.

Begin your US Nonimmigrant VISA application online – DS-160

Once you have all of the above, the next step in to begin on the US Nonimmigrant VISA application process. Please note that this is done online. It required you to have access to a computer connected to the Internet with the latest browser (for safety). Visit the Online US Nonimmigrant Visa Application (DS-160 US Embassy Kampala) link and begin the process. I suggest, and recommend that you hit save on every step you complete to avoid restarting the entire process once the time elapse while you are Idle.

Print out Conformation once you are done

Oh yes, once you review your application and prove beyond doubt that all the information you have filled is right, the next step is to print the Conformation page out. But you will first need to sign and submit your own application. You have another option to send it in your email address (the email you submitted when filling your application). You can as well print the Application (for reference purposes only since its not required). You will then show up on the appointed (scheduled date) at the US Embassy Kampala with that conformation paper you printed together with your passport, attached 5cmX5cm passport sized photo and proof of payment for Interview.

Please note that DS-160 US Embassy Kampala VISA application form PDF isn’t available. If you are searching for PDF, you will likely see samples. The entire application happens online.

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