How To Schedule Interview Appointment Online For US Nonimmigrant VISA Application In Uganda

schedule interview appointment In order to Schedule Interview Appointment for your United States Nonimmigrant VISA application in Uganda, there are certain things you need to follow. And yes, this is the main reason for this post. In here, you will get to know how it all works, what is required, and how to go about it. Once you are done, you will only be able to follow the steps involved in here and Booo, you will know your appointment date.

Unless you go through the interview and pass it, your chances of traveling to the US will never be guaranteed basing on the fact that it is the interview which determines your eligibility. That is why when you decide to apply for the US Nonimmigrant VISA, you should as well pay the required fees and schedule interview appointment. Below is how to go about it if you are in Uganda.

Steps before you reach the Schedule interview appointment

Review the details you need – Yes, knowing what you want, what to provide and any other is crucial. These help during the application form filling process.

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Submit your application – Once you know all you need, you should start the application process from the start to the end where you print the conformation.

Schedule interview appointment Online

Okay, this is what you have been waiting for right? Reaching this steps requires you to have paid the US Nonimmigrant VISA application fees. Read on how to generate your application fees bank paying slip. In due course, you will see the nearest interview schedule date which you should take note of. And once you have paid the the application fees in the bank, your account will be updated with all the details including your interview date. That is all. You can alternatively inquire with the Uganda US Embassy office located in Kansanga on Gaba road.

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