New Driving Permit Fees in Uganda Updated 2021 for New Licence, Renewal, Duplicate, Extension and Foreign Exchange

Last Updated on May 27, 2021 by KWS Adams
Uganda drivers license  permit fees

These are the new Uganda driving permit prices for 2021 for a new driver’s licence, renewal of expired/lapsed permit, extension to another class, foreign drivers license exchange, and duplicate (lost license). The new driving licence charges came into effect when Uganda driver licensing system took over from the defunct Face Technologies.

The fees shown below are paid strictly at the bank, and vary depending on the type of driving license one is processing. Payments are made to a URA bank account in any of the URA-supported banks of choice depending on the type of licence which is being processed.

In order to make any payment to the bank, you first of all need to generate a payment registration number which you take to the bank of choice and make the payment, and it begins by visiting the URA web portal and registering a Payment PRN.

Updated driving license fees in Uganda 2021

Type of Permit AppliedAmount paid in BankAmount Paid at Uganda Security Printing Company
Learners / Provisional Driving Permit60,000 paid in the bankNone
Testing fees for each class25,000 paid in the bankNone
Full / New Driving permit 1 year135,000 paid in the bankNone
Full / New Driving permit 3 years230,000 paid in the bankNone
Full / New Driving permit 5 years330,000 paid in the bankNone
Renewal Driving permit 1 year130,000 paid in the bankNone
Renewal Driving permit 3 years210,000 paid in the bankNone
Renewal Driving permit 5 years310,000 paid in the bankNone
Duplicate Driving permit121,000 paid in the bankNone
Driving permit Extension each class121,000 paid in the bankNone
Foreign Driving permit conversion / exchange 1 / 3 years230,000 paid in the bankNone
Foreign Driving permit conversion / exchange 5 year330,000 paid in the bankNone
Production fees for drivers license80,000 paid in the bankNone
Production fees for learners drivers license30,000 paid in the bankNone

Key points to note

  • Production fees are paid by those who had paid but not completed the process with Face Technologies whose contract expired.
  • The extension is subject to qualifying and passing the class test
  • A duplicate driver’s license is upon providing a newspaper advert and police report.
  • A new drivers license application form available for download from website is required in order to process your application for a learners / full drivers license.
  • A copy of your national identity card for nationals and a passport for foreigners is required.
  • Proof of enrollment at any of the licensed driving schools is required when going for a learners drivers license.
  • A drivers school certificate is showing completion of the driving course is mandatory for full drivers license.
  • The driving permit is now known as the drivers license
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The above prices may be subjected to change at any time since they are determined by the government, or by Uganda driver licensing system which is powered by the Uganda Security Printing Company (USPC).

Kindly be informed that Face Technologies is no longer the driver’s license issuer in Uganda. The South Africa origin company which has been operating in Uganda for many years ever since the computerized driving permits were introduced in Uganda stopped operations on February 28, after its contract expired.

Driving permits which are current known as drivers licenses in Uganda are now being issued by the new firm, Uganda Security Printing Company.

New Driving Permit Fees in Uganda Updated 2021 for New Licence, Renewal, Duplicate, Extension and Foreign Exchange

12 thoughts on “New Driving Permit Fees in Uganda Updated 2021 for New Licence, Renewal, Duplicate, Extension and Foreign Exchange

  1. Am called Mariam, for how long does it take for one to get processed a new driving license and except Kampala is there any other place one can acquire the driving licence. Thanks.

    1. The longer it takes to process and obtain a drivers licence in Uganda varies depending on how you handle the task. Officially, it takes the applicant up to 30 days or 1 full month to qualify for the test once the provisional license is issued. And when you acquire the learners to when you do the test varies from person to person. On the other hand, Uganda Driver Licencing System offices in Jinja, Mbale, Arua, Gulu, Mbarara, Fort Portal and Kampala. Thanks for the comment.

  2. What about those who possess driving skills by their own ways, do they also still need to go back to driving schools?

    1. Well said, your own driving skills. In simple terms, you still need to obtain a certificate of completion of the driving training and which is obtained from an approved driving school. If you can tell them to simply issue you one without training, that is good to try.

  3. hi, i need to drop one of my names on my driving permit coz that does not appear on both national identity card and passport. what do i do?

    1. Perform a renew and provide your national ID,the name you don’t want will automatically be dropped. Kindly note that these days of UDLS, names are automatically matched with what NIRA has in their database.

      1. I’m Kibalama Julius Isaac, I applied and payed for the driving permit during the tenure of face technology but the problem have face some one took my ura receipts and left me with the learners’ permit which expired in february 2021 what can I do, please reply with [email protected]

        1. Visit the UDLS offices on nasser road and present that permit. In case you paid all associated fees, they will issue your license. But in case you had not fully paid, then you will need to pay production fees. Hope that helps.

    1. Paying using mobile money is very easy. Visit ura web portal and generate an assessment. Indicate that you want to be using mobile mobile by checking corresponding box. Generate the prn and dial your mobile money access ussd code. Pay and wait for the notification

  4. I’m Kawere Abdul kiboga I want to renewal my driving permit how can I do ? And how much should I pay in bank first ?

    1. The assessment price is determined by the number of years you want to renew. Kindly visit ura portal and see the price matching for the validity period you want.

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