Driving Permit Fees in Uganda 2021 Updated (Costs)

Uganda drivers license  permit fees

This post contains the price list for Uganda driving permits in 2021, now that 2020 is gone, and Face Technologies replaced by Uganda Security Printing Company. Whether you want to process a new driving permit, a renewal, an extension (class addition), foreign exchange, duplicate (lost licenses) prices (fees) paid at the bank, this is an updated fee list varying per process one requires.

Each of the different types of permit one ios applying for attracts different fees, and which is either paid in the URA bank account in any of the URA supported banks of choice depending on the stage of your permit process.

In order to make any payment to the bank, you first of all need to generate a payment registration number which you take to the bank of choice and make the payment, and it begins by visiting the URA web portal and registering a Payment PRN.

Updated drivers license fees in Uganda 2021

Type of Permit AppliedAmount paid in BankAmount Paid at Uganda Security Printing Company
Learners / Provisional Driving Permit60,000 paid in the bankNone
Testing fees for each class25,000 paid in the bankNone
Full / New Driving permit 1 year135,000 paid in the bankNone
Full / New Driving permit 3 years230,000 paid in the bankNone
Full / New Driving permit 5 years330,000 paid in the bankNone
Renewal Driving permit 1 year130,000 paid in the bankNone
Renewal Driving permit 3 years210,000 paid in the bankNone
Renewal Driving permit 5 years310,000 paid in the bankNone
Duplicate Driving permit121,000 paid in the bankNone
Driving permit Extension each class121,000 paid in the bankNone
Foreign Driving permit conversion / exchange 1 / 3 years230,000 paid in the bankNone
Foreign Driving permit conversion / exchange 5 year330,000 paid in the bankNone
Production fees for drivers license80,000 paid in the bankNone
Production fees for learners drivers license30,000 paid in the bankNone

Key points to note

  • Production fees are paid by those who had paid but not completed the process with Face Technologies whose contract expired.
  • The extension is subject to qualifying and passing the class test
  • A duplicate driver’s license is upon providing a newspaper advert and police report.
  • A new drivers license application form available for download from website is required in order to process your application for a learners / full drivers license.
  • A copy of your national identity card for nationals and a passport for foreigners is required.
  • Proof of enrollment at any of the licensed driving schools is required when going for a learners drivers license.
  • A drivers school certificate is showing completion of the driving course is mandatory for full drivers license.
  • The driving permit is now known as the drivers license
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The above prices may be subjected to change at any time since they are determined by the government, or by Uganda Security Printing Company (USPC).

Kindly be informed that Face Technologies is no longer the drivers license issuer in Uganda. The South Africa origin company which has been operating in Uganda for many years ever since the computerized driving permits were introduced in Uganda stopped operations on Feburary 28, after its contract expired.

Driving permits which are current known as drivers licenses in Uganda are now being issued by the new firm, Uganda Security Printing Company.

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