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Testing for Full Driving Permit with Police IOV in Uganda

By KWS Adams Dec 30, 2019
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Once you have successfully obtained learners or provisional driver’s license for your motor vehicle, tractor, motorcycle, or pedestrian-controlled vehicles from any of the UDLS offices in Uganda, the next step is undergoing the Uganda Police driving test.

This ugpolicedrivingtest covers driving test questions in Uganda including both oral and theory, and all learners are expected to pass it in order to be awarded with the class of driving they are interested in.

This ug police driving test.com procedure for obtaining the Uganda driver’s license is done by the Inspectorate of Vehicles (IOV) upon which one is issued with a Certificate of Competence (CoC) number written on the learner’s permit and the certificate itself that is later is submitted to the Uganda drivers license system (UDLS) by the IOV.

Just like how all other steps involved in obtaining a driver’s license in Uganda require certain procedures, the testing option by the IOV also does the same. In order for one to qualify for undergoing the test, he or she must avail the following at the testing center.

Requirements for UG Police Driving Test

  1. A test fees payment slip from the bank.
  2. A Driving school certificate.
  3. A valid learner driving permit

Below is how to obtain each of the above and proceed for testing at the testing center by IOV.

Generate PRN for testing fees

  1. In order to generate the Uganda police driving test fees, check out these instructions and pay the required money to the bank of choice.

Obtaining a driving school certificate

  1. Locate a trusted driving school and learn how to drive.
  2. upon completion of your course, you will be issued a Driving school certificate.

Obtaining a learner permit

This is well explained in this post about obtaining a learner’s permit for the different classes of vehicles etc. Read through it and you will arrive at this place back.

Obtaining a Certificate of Competence (Real testing)

The Uganda police motor vehicle testing does happen both in theory and orally. In theory, the IOV will ask you a series of questions for example the meaning of the different road signs, etc where you are required to answer them correctly without fail. This is like an examination where you have a pass mark. Failure to reach it will mean failing the test.

The practical driving test part requires one to prove that he or she knows how to drive. You may be subjected to the box parking, or be subjected to driving on the road with the IOV officer, or both. Depending on what you learned, you either pass or fail the test.

Upon success, you will be given a Certificate of Competence (CoC) and the number written on your learners including the class awarded. After, the IOV will send the same to UDLS and you will be done.

By KWS Adams

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