How To Generate A URA Payment Registration Number (PRN)

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Generate URA payment registration number

Generating a Uganda Revenue Authority Payment registration number or PRN as many know it is mandatory for anyone is in the process of paying or wants to Pay government taxes. Yes, government taxes are very many well as they are classified in their different categories, which is why they call for different ways when generating the URA PRN. These payment registration numbers are generated from the URA web portal, and do contain all details of the payment one is trying to pay for.

Depending on what one is going to pay for, you need to select the Tax head, which contains all payments classified under it for example, the NTR tax head which contains all payments required when processing a new, learners, exchange, extension, renewal and other driving permit necessary payments. On the other hand, the Tax Type contains payments like for IT, VAT, Excise, With holding, GPBT and others. Other NTC contains those payments which are to be paid in Ministries, Departments, Agencies and others.

In order to generate your URA payment registration number, you need to know what you are paying for since that is the only way you can be able to generate one matching your payment for example, under NTR, you can select Learners Driving Permit in our example, and below is how to go about your Learners Driving Permit

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1. Visit the URA web portal and click on e-Services.
2. Click on Payment registration under payments, and select the Tax head.
3. Using the drop down menu, select on Learners Driving Permit and click on it.
4. The process will automatically input the price you are to pay.
5. Enter your names under Taxpayer Name, select district, county and town.
6. Select payment mode for example cash or cheque.
7. Select the bank name of your choice from the list.
8. Enter the given image and click on Accept and Register.

Wait for new page to load with your form which will be containing your URA PRN and print it using the options as shown on the same page. Now take it to the bank you selected and make your payment under your generated PRN.

How To Generate A URA Payment Registration Number (PRN)

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