ARRIS TM602G, TM602A/110, TM402P, Tm722g & ARCT00830 Modems & Battery Reviewed

The ARRIS range of products include the Voip Broadband, batteries, cable and telephony modems including the TM602G, TM602A/110, TM402P, Tm722g and the ARCT00830 are one of the top rated in the line of next generation residential connection product family. These devices are known to carry both Voice over IP (VoIP), and High-Speed Data access, and thus helping you get steady internet access with better connection speeds regardless of your family and other needs.

I have reviewed the ARRIS TM602G Telephony Modem, the Touchstone® Telephony Modem TM602A/110, the Touchstone Telephony VOIP BROADBAND Modem TM402P, the Tm722g Cable Modem Docsis 3.0 and the ARCT00830 10/12 Hour Battery For ARRIS Touchstone TG8/TM5/TM6/TM7/TM8 Modems for you and right here.

You will be able to find the different product specifications, look, features, how they work and much more just like you may have been wondering and or asking.

ARRIS Modem TM602G

“- Certified 2-Year Full Coverage Warranty!!
– Optional backup battery Sold Separately
– The TM602 delivers two lines of carrier-grade Voice over IP (VoIP) along with High-Speed Data access.
– Benefits: DOCSIS® 2.0 and PacketCableTM 1.1/1.5 compliant design High Speed Internet via 10/100 Base-T Ethernet (RJ-45) or USB1.1 port Improved Line Card Performance over the industry leading TM502 – Greater than 20% increase in high loop current mode and 10% greater ringing voltage More Battery Options.
– Dimensions: 2.00 pounds
– 2-cell Li-Ion solution for up to 8-hours of standby battery hold time
– From $12.50”

ARRIS TM602G Telephony Modem

Arris Touchstone TM602A Modem

“- DOCSIS® 2.0 and PacketCableTM 1.1/1.5 compliant design
– High Speed Internet via 10/100 Base-T Ethernet (RJ-45) or USB1.1 port
– Up to two lines of carrier-grade VoIP
– Multiple Protocol Support: PacketCable (NCS) and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
– Loop Diagnostics for remote testing and troubleshooting of in-house wiring
– Model: TM602A/110
– Weight : lbs: 1.2 kg: 0.54
– Dimensions : Height in : 8.6 Width in : 2.1 Depth in : 7.1 Height cm : 21.8 Width cm : 5.3 Depth cm : 18
– Integrated power supply for increased reliability and surge performance
– From $19.95”

Touchstone® Telephony Modem TM602A/110

Arris Touchstone TM402P Modem

“- Arris Touchstone Telephony VOIP BROADBAND Modem TM402P with Battery Backup
– Long-life Lithium Ion Battery Technology Minimizes Operations Expense
– Toll Quality Voice supplies a Superior Subscriber Experience
– Software upgradeable, DOCSIS® 2.0 certified design provides a solution for the long-term
– Model: TM402P
– Networking: Wireless
– From $17.55”

Arris Touchstone Telephony VOIP BROADBAND Modem TM402P

Arris Tm722g Cable Modem

“- Certified 1-Year Warranty
– Works on Comcast’s network (and more!)
– Includes its own internal battery backup in the modem
– Meets DOCSIS 3.0 specifications as well as backward compatibility with existing DOCSIS 2.0, 1.1 and 1.0 networksr-supplied Ethernet hubs)
– Unlimited local and nationwide long distance calling
– Model: TM722G/CT
– Dimensions: 18.00″ h x 4.00″ w x 21.00″ l,
– Speeds greater than 150 Mbps
– Two lines of primary line Voice over IP (VOIP), Ultra-high speed data access
– Two battery pack options to support telephony service during power outages
– From $159.99”

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Arris Tm722g Cable Modem Docsis 3.0

Arris ARCT00830 Modem

“- 8.4volts
– 4400Mah (over 4 amps)
– Up to 12 Hours of Hold Time
– Compatanility; Touchstone/Gateway MG5000,MG5220 TG852G, TG862G, TM502G, TM502H, TM504G, TM504H, WTM552G, TM602G, TM602H, TM604G, TM608G, TM722G, TM802G, WTM652G,TG1672 TG1662 Modems
– Model: ARCT00830
– From $4.50”

Arris ARCT00830 10/12 Hour Battery For ARRIS Touchstone TG8/TM5/TM6/TM7/TM8 Modems

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