Top 5+ Best IPKall Alternatives 2022

Last Updated on August 27, 2022 by KWS Adams
IPKall Free VOIP Number

Are you looking for IPKall alternatives 2022? Would want to find a different provider that offers more-less the same or similar services just like it works with the above? This article has got you covered since inside, we bring to you the top 5 best alternative replacement service providers.

IPKall is a service provider that gives you a free US-based phone number and thus allowing you to receive calls from any part of the world right from your computer, laptop, mobile, and any other supported devices. From what I know, IPKall is legitimate – even when it does offer a 0 fee service.

The below providers will not only give you a free phone number regardless of whether you are in Nigeria, Uganda, United States, Canada, India, Mexico, Macedonia, Myanmar (Burma), Kenya, Netherlands, Turkey, Ukraine, Germany, and any other country but also you will be able to make that call so you talk to your business partners, friends, family and etc.

Below are the alternative service providers for 2022.

#1 NextPlus

I know many of you have heard of this NextPlus or call it the Texplus app. Once you download and activate it on your smartphone, you are given a free US phone number which y0u can instantly use to make and receive calls in addition to sending free Text messages. More about Nextplus here.

#2 Call Centric

Offers a free Phone Number for residential or business, and in any area per your own choice. The number comes with no setup, monthly, or even per-minute fees. Your number is located in any part of New York and does come with up to 3 inbound channels.

#3 Talkatone

Offers more than a service. You get a unique local free phone number that can be used for texting and inbound calls. Additionally, you are given up to 10 minutes of free outbound calls each month with an option to buy additional credit for your number. And for smartphone owners, there is an application that is offered at 0 costs. Check how to keep your free IPKall number forever

#4 Vumber

Whether you are in the US or Canada, you get access to a personal or business virtual phone number. They also have an iOS App and Android app which can be used to make and receive calls using your number. They offer trial periods which you can make use of.

# 5 eVoice

Whether for personal, business, temporary, or any other use, you are given a free phone number for use. You can forward calls to your mobile or landline and use the service on the go.

#6 Pinger

Offers you a free phone number for making calls and texting. They have an application that can be downloaded onto your device (PC, Mac, Mobile) and thus allowing you to use your number.

Top 5+ Best IPKall Alternatives 2022

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