ClixSense Reviews 2018- Is Scam or Legitimate? Reviews  scam or legit This is my honest review of Clixsense, one of the oldest sites which pays members to do multiple task there by making money online. If you are looking forward to making money from home in 2017 and still wondering what this site is all about, how you can make money, whether it is scam or legitimate, why it has existed for all those years since its inception in 2006 and so forth, take your time and read this post, you will be able to get all the answers you may have been looking out for.

Unlike many other PTC sites which have come and gone, has existed since its registration in 2006 and operation in 2007, and is known to be one of the legitimate PTC site which good reputation. The site pays its members to visit other websites, to view ads, surveys, free offers, micro tasks, playing clixgrid, participating in contests, shopping online and referring others.

Truth be said, I have known this site for long and have proven it to be legitimate basing on the fact that they do pay members for real. What happens is that one joins for free, participates in the available earning ways like viewing advertisement and is paid. This site has different membership levels where each has different requirements and so to how much you can earn.

Standard membership is free but with limited offers while Premium membership goes for $17 a year or $30 for 2 years. Premium members have added benefits including “signup commissions, higher downline click commissions, more chances to win in ClixGrid, more ads available, an 8-Tier affiliate program” and etc.

Just like most legitimate and genuine sites, too is a well organized site. It has a FAQs page where one can instantly find all answers before eventually deciding on to join or not, and what is on this page is what exactly happens once one joins.

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Since 2007, Clixsense ‘claims’ to have paid more than 7,020,956 members averaging at $22,680,083.26. When you look at the statistics compared to how much people earn per tasks completed on the site, you wont be amazed. The fact is that members especially the free ones earn pennies per click for example $0.02 for a 60 Sec ad, $0.01 for a 30 Sec ad and etc.

I know you are keen to know whether it is a scam or legit site right? I will answer you instantly basing on what I know personally, and from what the many others share. Clixsense is a legitimate site with the only draw back being low earning rates. You don’t expect to earn much on the site as it can take you decades to finally make the much you can from doing this simple promotion task.

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