How To Block A Stolen Airtel SIM Card Number in Uganda

Block A Stolen Airtel SIM Card Number

Here is how to block an Airtel SIM card number in Uganda. If your phone is stolen, or you misplace it, following the simple instructions below will allow you to block your SIM card so that it can never be used by anyone unauthorized. The same process will help you safeguard your available mobile money balance, just in case. All this is done by you without the need to first contact customer care.

Steps to Block Airtel SIM Card

Block Airtel SIM Card

Using USSD code

  • Dial *100# OK/Send
  • Reply with 9 (My Account), SEND
  • Reply with 3 (Block Stolen SIM/Number, SEND
  • Enter the Phone Number you want to block, SEND
  • Enter the Mobile Money PIN of the number to confirm

Instantly, your Airtel SIM Card number will be blocked and it will stop working.

Through Customer Care

  • Visit @Airtel_Ug on Twitter
  • DM your request to block the number
  • Provide the required details including a picture of your National ID

Upon confirmation, your number will be blocked.

Why should you block your Airtel SIM in Uganda?

In the event of theft or loss of your phone including the SIM card, you should have your number blocked in order to prevent any unauthorized use. From calling your contacts to requesting them financial assistance, this happens and many end up as victims.

By having your SIM blocked, you are a step towards protecting yourself from any outcome that may be a result of any other person using your Airtel SIM card. If done through customer care, you must provide the required information that can prove you as the rightful owner before the SIM card is blocked.

Unblocking your Airtel SIM Card in Uganda

  • Visit the Airtel Service center
  • Fill in the SIM reactivation form
  • Attach your KYC details including NIN
  • Submit and pay the required fees

Your SIM card will be instantly reactivated upon issuance of a new replacement card. Your line should be able to work immediately, or shortly afterward.

Re-activating Airtel Money Service

Airtel money uganda

Your mobile money service associated with your SIM card should be re-activated within 48 to 72 hours of a SIM card replacement.  You will be required to dial *185# and follow the prompts once the Airtel money menu comes back.

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