How To Check Original Phone By IMEI Number

check original phone by imei

Here is how to check if your phone is original by verifying its associated IMEI number for free. Doing this will help you get to know whether the mobile phone you have, or want to buy is genuine or fake thus allowing you to make the right decision.

With so many phone brands and models available on the market, it is sometimes difficult to tell which Android mobile device is original or fake. Apart from buying a branded device from the official shops, and partner stores, etc for example, Nokia shops, Samsung stores, etc, many people have fallen victim to buying fake devices from open markets and online stores.

That is why reading this post is vital if you really want to verify if iPhone is original by looking at the IMEI number. Best of all, many of the IMEI verification websites are free thus allowing you to do it without spending a single cent.

Check If Phone Is Original By IMEI via the UCC website

verify if iphone is original
  • Dial type *#06# on your phone
  • Copy down the 15-digit serial number
  • Visit
  • Enter the 15 digits number you copied in the box
  • Click verify my phone

The verification results will be displayed depending on the legitimacy of your mobile. If genuine, the phone manufacturer and phone model will be displayed. If fake, a fake notice will be displayed as well.

Checking if the phone is original by IMEI helps differentiate a stolen or fake/clone mobile from an original real device. IMEI-code checker works not only for Samsung but with all other devices including Nokia, iPhone, Tecno, iTel, Mi, etc when it comes to verification.

Best 5 Phone IMEI Verification Sites 2023


Final word

Checking whether your feature phone is original or fake has been made easier. By typing in your phone’s IMEI number you can retrieve it by dialing *#06#, and you are set to find out the truth immediately.

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