BLU R1 HD / Moto G Amazon Screen Lock Ads Removal Guide

Amazon Blu R1 HD In this tutorial, I share with you how to remove, disable and or hide the Amazon screen lock ads on your “[[[Moto G]]] (4th Generation) – Black – 16 GB – Unlocked – Prime Exclusive – with Lockscreen Offers & Ads, and [[[BLU R1 HD]]] – 8 GB – Black – Prime Exclusive – with Lockscreen Offers & Ads” smartphones. If you have been going through an experience you din’t like or having any reason you would want to have them hidden at least, reading this tutorial will help you out.

Screenlock ads are good sometimes in that they show off certain things which one wouldn’t have otherwise known without having them. Such are very advantageous due to the act that you don’t need a computer to see them. They are instant and automatically shown on your smartphone and which gives you total relaxing as you wait for new ones each time you phone goes into lock mode..

But if you have been thinking of how to get rid of them, I have compiled up to 3 different alternative solutions and how to’s to get rid of these “screen lock ads by amazon” as seen below..

Fix #1 – Using Another Application

Visit Google Play Store and search for “Screen-lock application”. You will get many of them where you will be able to download and install that of your choice. Once you have the downloaded version installed and activated, the former will nolonger display “ads” on your device.

Fix #2 – Using USB Debugging

Turn on Developer tools on your smartphone and activate USB debugging. Connect your mobile onto your computer using a USB cable and type this “adb start-server” under run and hit enter. Once you see your device listed in the command output, then type this “adb shell pm hide” and hit enter. That’s all you need.

Amazon MOTO G1

Fix #3 – Using Flash Tool

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– Download and install, extract it and run it.
– Select scatter-loading and browser to load MT6735_Android_scatter_R1_HD_NO_ADS.txt
– Click download button to start.
– Now plug your phone into the computer. to boot the device to preloader and start the flash. You can do it two ways, ie power off the phone and flash will start or From a powered off stat power on the device while plugged into the computer. either way will start the sp flash tool.
– Once the flash is complete you can unplug the device and reboot it. Congrats you have removed the ads and ota updates from the Amazon Blu R1 HD. Bounce you have also enabled bootloader unlocking if you want it”..

That’s all, any of the above alternative will help you turn your mobile the very way you want it to be..

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