Certifying Birth Certificates In Uganda – How To Get The Certified True Copy Of The Original

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This tutorial is about how to certify a birth certificate in Uganda. It involves the different steps, procedures and requirements you should accomplish in order to get your true certified copy of the original, and which usually is a photocopy of your original document but well stamped and signed with a fresh Registrar’s signature.

Certified copies of birth certificates and other documents like academic transcripts are sometimes mandatory to be presented to the different offices both internally and or externally in a specific country where one is currently living for one reason or the other for example when trying to get a new nationality after having passed all of the first requirements.

And depending on why exactly you need the certified true copy of the original, the very first thing you need to know, and or to be with is the legitimate birth certificate and which in Uganda is issued by the Uganda Registration Services Bureau, the same body which handles the certifications. And for that, if you don’t currently own one, you need to process it so as to be in position of getting its true copy of the original certified.

Just like how the birth certificate certifying process is done in countries, states, Counties and cities like in Australia, UK, Canada, Texas, California, Florida, Illinois, Georgia, Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Kenya, Arkansas, Rwanda, Alameda county, Alabama vital records, Alaska, Austin Texas, Atlanta, Tanzania, Burundi, Sudan, Colorado, Cleveland ohio, Chicago and others through their government bodies, also in Uganda is the same since its the work of URSB to cater for the above.

What happens is that you get a photocopy of your true copy, make a payment in the bank of your choice assuming you can visit the URA.GO.UG web portal and register your search and certification payment registration number or PRN. And all, you simply head to URSB offices and have an assessment issued which you can take to a bank like DTB.

You should note that if its a foreign national birth certificate, the costs will different from a Ugandan national. After making the payment, you should present your papers to URSB where you will be told when to pick your certified copies and everything will be done.

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Certifying Birth Certificates In Uganda – How To Get The Certified True Copy Of The Original

8 thoughts on “Certifying Birth Certificates In Uganda – How To Get The Certified True Copy Of The Original

  1. I was born in Uganda Kampala in 1951. I live in United Kingdom at present. I have lost my original birth certificate and do not have a photo copy.How can i obtain a new birth certificate?

    1. dear sir / madam
      I born in Masaka uganda 30-12-1951. I lost my birth certificate.I moved to Uk on my mothers passport in 1972 amin s rule now from 1975 I am leaving in sweden. I have got swedish passport but i havnt got birth certificate I have got sort birth certificate bur i want long leaving origanal birth certificate. I with my parent lived in Mukoko village on kampala Masaka road my birth was in Mulago hospital Masaka.that was 1951 mothers name is shanta solanki fathers name ia Kanyalal solanki birth time is 10-00 am in morning doctors name is smith all this is 1951 in Masaka i will pay what ever price is my suname was solanki my name jyotsna

      jyotsna savasadia
      Lextorp vägen 587
      46164 Trollhättan

        1. I have send you my passport copy on my email and all document I have got If you can help me to have long leaving birth certificate

        2. Dear Sir,
          I too have lost my birth certificate can you please advise how to obtain a copy.
          Many thanks

          1. Do you happen to have a Photocopy of the lost one? If yes, you can do a search and issue. You pay for both. Alternatively, you can process a new one. Give me a call on 0752009001 so we see how I can guide you live.

        3. Dear sir I have lost my birth certificate my name is Rakshaben Ishwarbhai Patel
          Born on 4/09/1962 in Jinja Uganda
          My father Ishwarbhai Motibhai Patel a retailer in Uganda
          My mother Virbala Ishwarbhai Patel a housewife . I urgently need a replace birth certificate for oci visa

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