Doing Document Attesting/Certification In Uganda – Birth Certificates, Academic Papers, Driving Permits & Others Through MOFA

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Doing Document Attesting/Certification In Uganda - Birth Certificates, Academic Papers, Driving Permits & Others Through MOFA

This tutorial is about how to do a document attesting in Uganda through the Ministry of Foreign affairs aka MOFA. It involves the entire process, steps and those procedures you need to follow. Regardless of whether you want to attest a birth certificate, a drivers license or permit, academic papers or transcripts and or any government issued documents which requires certification or attesting depending on whether you want to submit them for example at the different embassies or consulates in the various countries, this article will help you to get started. You can also refer to other articles on this with regard to what attesting definition, witness and officials are.

Before you get started with your document attesting, its very vital for you to know what is required by those authorities where you want to submit the document or documents. You should note that different authorities in the different countries or organs tend to like different options and modes of your attested documents for example, attesting being done on the original, duplicate or photocopy and or on the certified true copies.

In Uganda just like how its done in the many other countries including Kenya, Tanzania, Hindi, Rwanda, Burundi, Ghana, India, UK, Qatar, South Africa, UAE, Español, Dubai, Hong Kong, Irish, Australia, Milton Keynes, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi and others, its the duty of the Foreign Affairs ministry and which many refer to as MOFA to handle such issues of document attesting and or certifications like a birth certificates, academic documents, drivers licenses, affidavit, a will, a sentence, golf scorecard, a photograph, a degree, a diploma, a marriage certificate, cmat admit card, contracts, entities, medical certificate attesting good health, hec attestation, official kentucky title, legal, good moral character, residence certificate, Photographs, Power of Attorney and others.

This means that every time you are asked to do an attesting, the very first place to have your documents done is the MOFA. However, MOFA too has its own rules and guidelines when it comes to carrying on the above task. On so many occasions, its required that one submits a verified and certified true copy of the original document ones has.

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And depending on the document for example a Birth Certificate in this case, one needs to visit the issuing authority and which is the National Identification Registration Authority (NIRA) in this case, make the required payment of the search and certification, submit the photocopy of the original together with the payment receipt. Then NIRA will take on their work and if your document is legit (I mean then having issued it), of course it will be available in their database and you will be issued a certified true copy.

Then, you should visit MOFA offices together with the Original document and the certified true copy and make a payment of the attesting fees. You can too visit URA.GO.UG web portal and generate the payment registration or PRN yourself, make a payment in your bank of choice and submit. Of course you will be told when to pick your ready copies.

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Doing Document Attesting/Certification In Uganda – Birth Certificates, Academic Papers, Driving Permits & Others Through MOFA

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